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Ukraine Regulates Lead in Paints and Varnishes

SafeGuardSHardgoodsMay 20, 2021

Ukraine has published a resolution to restrict lead in paints and varnishes. The restrictions will become effective on November 7, 2021.

On May 7, 2021, Ukraine published Resolution No. 432 of April 28, 2021 ‘Technical Regulation on the restriction of lead in paints, varnishes and raw materials’ (the Resolution).

The Resolution contains, inter alia, several important provisions. It:

  • Clarifies that the scope applies to paints and raw materials (pigments and pigment concentrates) that can be used for the manufacture of lead-based paints (See Annex 1 to Technical Regulation for list of raw materials containing lead)
  • Defines a restriction limit for lead content in the non-volatile part of the paint materials
  • Prohibits the use, production and import of raw materials in Annex 1 to Technical Regulation for the manufacture of paints and varnishes from November 7, 2021
  • Exempts paints and raw materials for restoration works, works of art and other objects of cultural heritage but such lead-based paints or raw materials must contain a label ‘НЕБЕЗПЕЧНО: містить свинець. Не застосовувати на поверхнях, доступних дітям чи вагітним жінкам! (Danger: contains lead. Do not use on surfaces accessible to children or pregnant women!)
  • Defines the list of standards for sample preparation and instrumentation (see Table 1 below)
  • Raw material suppliers for the manufacture of paints and varnishes to provide safety data sheets (SDS)
  • Requires the conformity mark as established by Ukraine Law ‘On Technical Regulations and Conformity Assessment’ to be applied to the paint material and raw material component so that it is visible, legible and indelible, otherwise to be affixed to the packaging and indicate in the accompanying documents

Highlights of the new Resolution on lead requirements are summarized in Table 1.

Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine 
Resolution No. 432 of April 28, 2021 ‘Technical Regulation on the restriction of lead in paints, varnishes and raw materials’
SubstanceScopeRequirementEffective date
LeadPaints, varnishes and raw materials
≤ 90 mg/kg1,2
November 7, 2021

1Sampling and preparation methods: 

  • DSTU ISO 15528:2015 (ISO 15528:2013, IDT)
  • DSTU ISO 1513:2014 (ISO 1513:2010, IDT)
  • DSTU ISO 1514:2013 (ISO 1514:2004, IDT)
  • DTSU ISO 3251:2015 (ISO 3251, 2008, IDT)

2Analytical method: ISO 6503:1984 (Flame atomic absorption spectrometry, FAAS)

Table 1

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