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New White Paper: Examining CSR in the Seafood Sector Examining global data from CSR audits together with current research and industry best practices, this white paper discusses the challenges facing organizations, and opportunities for improvement. October 17, 2018 Features
Consumer Compact Q3 2018 Slavery, BPA Ban, Sleeping Product, Natural and Organic Cosmetic, Medical Device and more. October 16, 2018 Features
EU Amends CLP Regulation on Substances and Mixtures The EU has published ATP-13 to amend Annex VI of the CLP Regulation. The new law will be implemented in phases, starting December 1, 2019. October 16, 2018 Updates
Comprehensive Automotive EMC Testing Solution with EM TEST VDS 200Q25 SGS's facility in Durham has expanded its range of tests for automotive transient and voltage wave forms with the introduction of a new EM TEST VDS 200Q25 system. October 16, 2018 Business News
Higg Index FEM V3 Program: An Introduction Learn more about the Higg Index FEM V3, its background,verification content and process. October 15, 2018 Updates
California Proposition 65 Reformulation of BPA in Food Contact Products Several Prop 65 settlement agreements have been reached for BPA in food contact products. The parties in these settlements agreed to reformulate Bisphenol A (BPA) or provide a Prop 65 warning as an alternative. October 12, 2018 Updates
Inspire Delivers In-Depth Analysis and Reporting on Global Fuel Quality Trends SGS’s Inspire is an online tool for the oil, gas, chemical and transportation industries, providing a basis for reporting and projecting changes in the future global fuel quality. October 12, 2018 Business News
New EU Fuel Labeling Requirements Come into Effect From October 12, 2018, new vehicles and refueling/recharging stations must comply with fuel labeling rules per European standard EN 16942. October 11, 2018 Business News
New Agricultural Services in China SGS expands its agricultural services in China adding soil, irrigation water and plant tissue analysis, and fertilizer recommendation at its Dali City laboratory. October 11, 2018 Business News
First Private Laboratory Accredited to Test Fertilizers in Thailand SGS’s facility in Thailand has been accredited by the Department of Agriculture to perform localized fertilizer analysis. October 11, 2018 Business News