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Laboratory scientist testing dangerous liquid

A Guide to Electrical and Electronic Chemical Compliance in the U.S.

This complimentary webinar gives an introduction to regulatory standards and updates for chemicals used in the production and packaging of electrical and electronic equipment in the U.S.
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Food Factory Quality Control

How to Prevent the Top Five Food Safety Audit Non-Conformities

Join our live webinar as we cover the top 5 GFSI audit non-conformities and their common causes and provide actions your company can implement to avoid them.
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Women Shopping in Clothing Store

China Market Update: 2022 Recall Overview

Find out about recent changes to regulatory requirements for selling textiles in China and analysis of product recalls in 2022.
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Woman Checking Label on Cloth

Update on environmental claim & labeling requirement for textile and footwear products

An expert webinar for softlines businesses on moving to sustainable materials: how to substantiate environmental claims and meet labeling requirements in major markets.
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Food and science concept

AI Based Large Language Models in Food Safety Risk Detection – Will This Be the Future?

Join our live webinar to gain insight into emerging risk detection, how it works, how AI-powered tools may help and much more.
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Holistic Automotive Webinar

The Benefits of Implementing a Holistic Automotive Management System

In the webinar, speakers Dusan Nikolic and Marlon Aldrete will cover why and how decision makers within the automotive supply chain should consider an integrated vs. piecemeal development management system approach.
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Chemical and wastewater management in textile

Chemical inventory and wastewater management for textiles and footwear

In this webinar, learn about the management of hazardous chemicals and wastewater in the apparel and footwear industry.
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Fundamentals of a QMS

Fundamentals of a Quality Management System (QMS)

In this webinar, experts Sabrina Ippolito and Cindy Haight will provide a brief overview of the fundamental requirements of a QMS, ISO 9001:2015.
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