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SafeGuardS – Regulatory Updates

SafeGuardS is our technical bulletin highlighting new product standards, regulations and test methods, written by SGS experts.
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Baby Sitting on a Walker

Moldova Revises List of Standards for General Product Safety

Moldova has issued legislation to approve the latest list of standards for presumption of conformity with the nation’s law on general product safety. These will become effective on August 8, 2022. 

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Minestrone in a Serving Spoon

California Proposition 65: Reformulation of Chemicals in Consumer Goods

Multiple settlements have been reached for a variety of consumer goods containing Prop 65 chemicals. Many of these agreements allow a Prop 65 warning as an alternative.

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Carbonated Colourful Drinks

The Netherlands Strengthens Requirements for Food Contact Materials and Articles

The Netherlands has published an amendment to its Commodities Act on packaging and consumer articles. The new law became effective on July 1, 2022 

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Scientist in Laboratory Doing Chemical Experiment

EU Proposes to Revise CLP Regulation on Substances and Mixtures

The EU has informed the WTO of its intention to revise the CLP Regulation. Changes include new notes for several boron-containing compounds and 2-ethylhexanoic acid and its salts. 

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Modern Electric Stove

Uruguay Consults Over Proposed Revision to Food Contact Metals and Alloys

Uruguay has announced its intention to amend Mercosur Technical Regulation on food contact metals and alloys. Comments are accepted until August 8, 2022

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Cardboard Box with Chocolate Doughnuts

Rhode Island, USA, Regulates PFAS in Food Packaging

The state of Rhode Island has become the latest US jurisdiction to ban PFAS in food packaging. This prohibition will become effective on January 1, 2024.

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Desert in a Paper Tray with Wooden Cutleries

Hawaii, USA, Bans PFAS in Certain Consumer Goods

Hawaii has become the latest US jurisdiction to regulate PFAS in certain consumer products. The prohibition of PFAS in specific categories of food packaging will become effective on December 31, 2024.

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US California Prop 65 Settlement on Bisphenol A in Socks

U.S. California Prop 65 Settlement on Bisphenol-A (BPA) in Socks

In May 2022, the first known settlement for socks made primarily of polyester with Spandex which contained BPA was finalized.

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Kids Yoghurts

Uganda Proposes New Standard for Food Contact Materials and Articles

Uganda has informed the WTO of its intention to publish a new standard for food contact materials and articles. 

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Athletes Starting Race

China Releases a New National Standard GB/T 41174-2021 (Professional Sportswear – Track and Field Garment)

China ‘s new national product standard, GB/T 41174-2021(Professional sportswear – Track and field garment), becomes effective on July 1, 2022.

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