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Georgia Regulates Lead in Certain Paints

SafeGuardSDIY Tools and HardwareApril 29, 2021

Georgia has published a technical regulation to restrict lead in paints for construction applications. The restrictions will become effective on July 1, 2023.

On April 5, 2021, the Government of Georgia published Resolution No. 148 of April 2, 2021 ‘On Approving the Technical Regulation on Lead Content in Paints’ (Technical Regulation) to regulate lead and its compounds in paints/varnishes for construction applications.

The provisions in the Technical Regulation include, inter alia, the following:

  • Requiring importers to submit an ‘advance notice on the import of paints/varnishes’ electronically via the website of the LEPL Revenue Service (Revenue Service) to the Revenue Service and the Market Surveillance Agency (the Agency) – the rules for filing will be determined by the Minister of Finance and Minister of Economy and Sustainable Development by July 1, 2023
  • Authorizing the Agency to sample products in the Customs Control Zone for testing
  • Authorizing the Agency to carry out documentary requirements no later than three working days after registration of ‘advance notice on the import of paints/varnishes’
  • Restricting lead and its compounds to no more than 90 mg/kg (0.009%)
  • Obligations for economic operators (manufacturers, importers and distributors) – manufacturers and importers are required to keep documentation for 10 years after placing paints/varnishes on the market
  • Providing certain exemptions for lead-based paints/varnishes
  • Providing the list of HS codes for products that are within the scope of the Technical Regulation
  • Providing several ISO and ASTM methods for sampling and analytical procedures  

Highlights of the Technical Regulation are summarized in Table 1.

Resolution No. 148 of April 2, 2021 ‘Technical Regulation – On Approving the Technical Regulation on Lead Content in Paints', Government of Georgia
SubstanceScopeRequirementEffective Date
Lead and lead compounds  
Paints/varnishes for construction applications1,2
≤ 90 mg/kg as lead3
July 1, 2023

1HS codes 3208 90 110 00, 3208 90 130 00, 3208 90 190 00, 3208 90 990 00, 3209 10 100 00, 3209 90 000 00, 3210 00 100 00, 3210 00 900 00 and 3212 10

2Exemption: Paints for the restoration of ancient architectural monuments, works of art, vehicles designated as objects of cultural and historical heritage subject to warning phrases on the product label 

3Non-volatile portion of paint or weight of dry coat of paint (ISO 3251)

Table 1

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