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US CPSC Issues Final Rule for Adult Portable Bed Rails

SafeGuardSHardgoodsAugust 23, 2023

SG 109/23

US Consumer Products Safety Commission has published a final rule to require adult portable bed rails to comply, with ASTM F3186–17 with modifications.

On July 21, 2023, CPSC published a final rule, 16 CFR 1270, establishing a safety standard for adult portable bed rails (APBRs) aimed at reducing the unreasonable risk of injury and death associated with entrapment and other hazards from APBRs. The rule incorporates ASTM F3186–17 (Standard Specification for Adult Portable Bed Rails and Related Products), with modifications, and it became effective on August 21, 2023.

The standard defines adult portable bed rail as “adjacent type bed rail, grab bar, assistive bar, transfer aid, cane or rail (henceforth identified as the product or products) intended by the manufacturer to be installed on, against, or adjacent to an adult bed. The product may vary in lengths (for example, full, half, or partial rails, grab bar or handle or transfer post or pole), and is intended by the manufacturer to provide assistance to the bed occupant in moving on the bed surface, in entering or exiting the bed, to minimize the possibility of falling out of bed, or for other similar purposes. This includes similar products that are likely to be used for these purposes even if this is not explicitly stated by the manufacturer. However, the standard does not address ALL products that might be so used, for example, a chair.

The modification in the standard includes:

  • Added definitions to ensure their consistent use throughout the standard
  • Added requirements in some sections in the standard, for example:
    • Selecting a mattress and product setting configuration
    • Entrapment test for zone 2
  • Modified the requirements in some sections in the standard, for example:
    • Entrapment in zone 3 (between rail and mattress)
    • Holes and slots
    • Misassembled products
    • Entrapment test probe
    • Entrapment test for zone 1, 2 and 3
    • Labelling, warning statements and instructional literature

The rule also prohibits manufacturers and importers of APBRs from manufacturing or importing APBRs that do not comply with the requirements of 16 CFR 1270 between July 21, 2023, and August 21, 2023, at a rate that is greater than 105 percent of the rate at which they manufactured or imported APBRs during the base period for the manufacturer or importer. The base period is the calendar month with the median manufacturing or import volume within the last 13 months immediately preceding July 21, 2023.

Final rule 16 CFR 1270

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