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SGS Proudly Sponsors Latest BCI Supply Chain Resilience Report

January 19, 2023

As the world picks up the pieces following the pandemic and looks to face a global recession, businesses need a beacon of certainty and the knowledge to build resilience.

This is why we are proud to sponsor the latest BCI Supply Chain Resilience Report. By cleverly combining detailed data and in-person interviews, this document brings you the latest supply chain resilience information.

Brilliantly blending past, present and future

Supply chain resilience remains very challenging for organizations, although many positive trends include centralized reporting, which is at an all-time high. However, work must be done to maintain the lessons learned during the pandemic, as this report clearly shows that the opportunity to use COVID-19 as a lesson to learn about supply chain resilience is slipping away.

While reported levels have increased, we are still seeing a relatively low uptake of technology to detect and report on supply chain disruptions. We also understand that top management commitment has increased overall, although more organizations describe this as “medium”, rather than the “high” noted in last year’s report. We all know that there is more work to do in these areas.

Given an uncertain future, we all want to be prepared as much as possible. This report turns its attention to the future, brilliantly combining lessons from the past with present and future potential issues and hurdles to give you a rounded picture.

Although cyberattacks and data breaches were the sixth main cause of disruptions in the past 12 months, they are a primary concern over the next five years for over 55% of those that took the survey for the report. Other key concerns include adverse weather, natural disasters, energy scarcity and new laws or regulations.

This said, the future looks bright for business continuity, as many businesses continue to pursue the practice to ensure their prosperity and future.

Why SGS Supply Chain Assurance and business continuity management?

Our Supply Chain Assurance services are primed and ready for the post-pandemic challenges, current and traditional tribulations, and what the future might hold, a global recession that will adversely affect supply chains, ushering in greater risks and tighter budgets.

Our checklists, customized programs and industry-driven initiatives cover a multitude of areas and content, from social compliance and environmental and quality management to information security, governance and health and safety.

Combining our cutting-edge, real-time technology and subject matter experts, we can partner with you to help manage your supply chain, ensure compliance and increase supplier visibility, no matter the complexity or international coverage.

Implementing a business continuity management system (BCMS) can also help you to understand critical business processes and the impact of disruptions.

By using our logistics support and other BCMS services, including ISO 22301 certification and training, you can improve your organization’s resilience, have strong recovery capability processes and ensure your continual survival.

We can help you to improve your risk profile in the minds of insurers, so you benefit from reduced insurance premiums and comply with the expectations of regulators, business partners and other key stakeholders.

We can also assist you by reducing the financial impact of incidents and/or disruptions. Even if there is a disaster, our BCMS services can help to increase the survival chances of your organization and employees.

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