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From Compliance to a Culture of Caring: Experts Explain Our New Vision for Operational Integrity at SGS

September 30, 2022

Watch our video and learn why and how we are implementing a culture of caring for and protecting our employees and the environment.

Compliance involves doing things because you are told to, regardless of your experience or instinct. A culture of caring goes beyond this, by creating a climate of trust where people are empowered to participate in making improvements that will protect their workplaces and the planet.

In our latest SGS Live video, Alain Denielle, our Group VP of Operational Integrity, and Nassim Beneddine, SGS Global Head of HSE, discuss why and how a culture of compliance has become the vision for operational integrity at SGS. They explain the benefits of a culture of compliance and what it promises for the future.

Watch the video below:

SGS Live Presents From Compliance to a Culture of Caring

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