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Domestic Packaging: France Introduces New Signage to Improve Sorting

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After extensive effort and several consumer studies Citeo, a not-for-profit organization established to reduce the environmental impact of packaging, has presented a new version of the info-tri (sorting information) for the French market.

New harmonized signage will be in use from January 1, 2022

After extensive effort and several consumer studies Citeo has published the new version of the info-tri (sorting information). 

This new simplified and harmonized signage is designed to be “useful and efficient” and fulfill the three criteria of the project to revise these important messages:

  • Compliance with the regulations
  • Clarity of the messages
  • Simplicity of execution

SG 14221 Body Image

Designed to simplify sorting and improve consumer sorting habits, this new signage combines Triman (replacing the old ‘Green Point’), new icons representing the sorting rules that apply to each type of packaging, and a color code based on the sorting containers (green for glass, yellow for all other packaging).

The use of these new icons will come into force in January 2022, with a roll-out until March 2023. There is expected to be a program of assistance and support for companies (SG 138/21).

As a reminder, France’s law regarding the fight against waste and the circular economy (AGEC) stipulates that consumer information for product sorting regulations subject to extended producer responsibility (ERP) programs must be harmonized. The decree for application of this mechanism entrusted the design of the info-tri, which specifies the terms and conditions of sorting for the products for which they are certified, to appropriate environmental bodies, such as Citeo. 

SGS’ Commitment to the Circular Economy

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