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2021 Focus on Black Sea

Our team continues to provide clients with exceptional levels of service, helping key industry players better navigate an ever-changing global agri commodities market.

Focus on Black Sea 2021 Cover

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This is especially crucial given that variable export tariffs, coupled with demanding market expectations and unpredictable weather conditions, can have a key influence on export volumes this season.

The 2021/2022 Crops Forecast

Examining the 2021/22 forecast, total grains production in Russia will reach approximately 127.5 million metric tons (MMT), with 81 MMT of wheat, 19 MMT of barley, and 15 MMT of corn. Between 49-51 MMT will be exported based on trends from previous years.

Meanwhile, the 2021/22 forecast for Ukrainian grains production is approximately 96 MMT, compared to 84 MMT in 2020/21. This includes 27.7 MMT of wheat, 35.5 MMT of corn, 16.5 MMT of sunflower seeds, and 8.2 MMT of barley. Export levels of grains are expected to reach 59.8 MMT.

Increased Investment

Both our Russian and Ukrainian operations have benefitted from ongoing investment this year. The Russian team has begun to roll out Smart Warehouse solutions, while our team in Ukraine has expanded its pesticides testing capabilities and started to develop a brand-new phytosanitary laboratory.

To find out more about how these investments are increasing SGS’s agricultural capabilities in the Black Sea region, read the newsletter.

Our Unrivaled Network

Global businesses need the support of global partners. With SGS by your side, you’ll have continued, worldwide access to local expertise – no matter where your commodities are coming from or going to. Wherever you are in the world, a local SGS specialist will be on hand to help with all your testing, inspection, fumigation and supply chain optimization requirements.

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