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Welcome to Agri Trade Highlights. Read our articles for a global overview of markets, commodities and regions prepared by agricultural experts.

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SGS Maintains GAFTA Superintendent Status in 48 Countries Following Stricter Requirements

We continue to offer the highest standards of supervision, sampling and check weighing for the Agri Commodities industry in 48 countries around the world. Read More

  1. Agriculture and Food
June 10 2021

Focus On Agri Liquids

SGS’s expert support is crucial for enabling your organization to navigate the complex future of the global agri liquids commodities market. Read More

  1. Liquids
May 18 2021

SGS Continues to Deliver the Highest Standards with Gafta Superintendent Approvals

We've passed the Gafta Grain and Feed Trade Association Standard Audit, renewing our Gafta Superintendent status. Read More

  1. Grains
April 26 2021

Egypt – A Leading Grain Importer

As a pivotal country in the trade of agricultural products worldwide, our team in Egypt works closely with clients to enable them to store, transfer and distribute high quality commodities to their customers with confidence. Read More

  1. Stock Management
December 18 2020

Ukraine – A Major Grain Producer

Ukraine accounts for about 16% of global grain exports. It is the sixth largest producer of corn, the seventh largest producer of wheat, and the world’s largest grower of sunflowers. It is also among the top ten producers for sugar beet, barley, soya and rapeseed. In such a vibrant market, it is important for foreign and domestic trade operatives to employ a good stock management service to mitigate risks in the supply chain. Read More

  1. Stock Management
December 18 2020

3-Steps to Ensure Safe Storage

SGS offers a range of stock monitoring services across continental Africa and other regions to help clients ensure that stocks are kept secure. To ensure safe storage of commodities, we have put in place different measures to ensure the best organization and procedures are in place. One of these measures is structured internal audits. Read More

  1. Stock Management
December 10 2020

Ivory Coast – Minimize Transaction Risks

In Ivory Coast our team delivers stock management solutions for large and significant accounts in the country, to ensure the safe and secure storage and movement of agricultural commodities along the supply chains in the country. Read More

  1. Stock Management
December 10 2020

Brazil, Limited Storage Capacity

With a huge deficit in grain storage capacity in Brazil, the need to properly manage and record stock is particularly important. Our SGS Stock Management Agreement service, soon to include Smart Warehouse Technology too, helps clients optimize storage and keep stock secure for their customers. Read More

  1. Stock Management
December 03 2020

Interview with Luc De Villele, LDC’s Head of Trade Execution for Europe, Middle East & Africa

We spoke with Luc De Villele, LDC's Head of Trade Execution for Europe, Middle East & Africa, about how the company's sources, transports and delivers its products. Read More

  1. Stock Management
December 03 2020

Mexico – Focus on Inventory Flow

Our agricultural services in Mexico are wide reaching and include the prevention of insect related damage, logistics support, and primary processing activities. Our Stock Monitoring Agreement (SMA) service gives reassurance to clients both in their storage capability and with their inventory management. Read More

  1. Stock Management
November 26 2020