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2021 Focus on Brazil

Since the first opening our doors in Brazil back in 1938, we've provided crucial services and support for both local and international agricultural market players.

SGS Commits to a Sustainable Future by Becoming a Member of the Gafta Sustainability Pledge

We’re proud to announce that SGS has qualified for the Gafta Sustainability Pledge.

2021 Focus On Danube

​Our Romanian, Hungarian, Bulgarian and Serbian teams’ continued investment in innovative technology will help your organization move from strength to strength. Discover more in the latest issue of Focus on Danube.

2021 Focus on Black Sea

A new crop season is underway in the Black Sea region. Our regional network of highly trained and experienced specialists is ready to deliver all of your testing, inspection, risk management and market intelligence requirements.

SGS in New Zealand Introduces Online Alpaca Fleece Testing Services, Tailored to Breeders’ Needs

We've launched comprehensive online alpaca fleece testing services, dedicated to the specific needs of breeders and farmers.

SGS Maintains GAFTA Superintendent Status in 48 Countries Following Stricter Requirements

We've maintained GAFTA Superintendent approval in 48 countries following stricter requirements.

Focus On Agri Liquids

SGS’s expert support is crucial for enabling your organization to navigate the complex future of the global agri liquids commodities market.

SGS Natural Resources LinkedIn Showcase Page is Now Live

We’re delighted to announce that our brand-new Natural Resources LinkedIn showcase page is now live, featuring expert opinions, webinars, news on SGS’s latest solutions, and need-to-know market information.

SGS Continues to Deliver the Highest Standards with Gafta Superintendent Approvals

We've passed the Gafta Grain and Feed Trade Association Standard Audit, renewing our Gafta Superintendent status.

SGS Lab Becomes First in Sri Lanka to be Accredited to Test 300 Pesticides

Our lab in Colombo has become the first in the country to receive accreditation for the testing of 300 pesticides in food and agricultural products.