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Toy Updates: April 2021

Consumer CompactToys and Juvenile ProductsApril 27, 2021

EC Type Examinations for Toys

EU toy safety directive 2009/48/EC provides the option to request an EC type examination. In this issue we answer three key questions:

  1. What is an EC type examination for toys?
  2. When is an EC type examination needed for toys?
  3. How can you apply for an EC type examination?

What is an EC type examination for toys?

A toy manufacturer has two ways to demonstrate compliance to EU toy directive 2009/48/EC:

  1. Self-verification using harmonized standards
  2. An EC type examination conducted by a Notified Body

The first option is the most used. The second option is performed by a Notified Body which conducts the EC type examination and issues an EC type examination certificate. EU Member States appoint Notified Bodies. During an EC type examination the Notified Body examines whether a toy complies with the requirements of the EU’s Toy Directive, 2009/48/EC. An EC type examination is often a lengthy process as the Notified Body needs to receive and review the complete Technical Documentation File. Also, additional test methods may need to be applied.

When is an EC type examination needed for toys?

EC type examination allows for innovation in the industry. Harmonized standards are based on existing toy designs and therefore may not be sufficient to demonstrate the safety of an innovative toy.

For innovative toys, an EC type examination therefore may be an option to show compliance.

In addition, EC type examination is required for products where harmonized standards do not exist, or harmonized standards have either not been applied by the manufacturer, or only partly applied. Further, a manufacturer may consider EC type examination when necessary.

How can you apply for an EC type examination?

The product manufacturer should submit the complete Technical Documentation File and a model of the toy to a Notified Body for EC-type examination. SGS has three toy Notified Bodies within the group; they are located in France, Germany and the Netherlands.

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