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Ivory Coast – Minimize Transaction Risks

Agri Trade HighlightsStock ManagementDecember 10, 2020

Stock management activity is very complex in Ivory Coast as many importers and exporters self-manage their commodity storage and security.

Market Issues

There are opportunities for these companies to benefit from an independent third party, such as SGS, by putting in place systems to trace and inspect goods throughout the supply chain, thereby minimizing trading, transportation, storage and transactional risk.

Stock Operations

We have several large stock management clients, for which the service provided can be customized depending on the situation on the ground. This ranges from periodic inspections to continuous monitoring – depending upon the client's needs.

Our solutions also involve the witnessing of the movement, care and condition of commodities being stored to ensure that damage, loss or other issues are identified as quickly as possible and remedial actions taken promptly.

Local Expertise

Our own full-time employees are responsible for undertaking the day-to-day stock management for Ivorian customers. They are highly trained and have in-depth experience of the activity gained over many years.

Client Benefits

Our stock management services in Ivory Coast deliver:

  • Daily presence of SGS staff (which helps minimize/eliminate fraudulent activity)
  • Real-time reporting information, i.e. stock levels, balance of stock at the end of each day, etc.
  • Recording and reporting of the movement of goods
  • Alerts for unusual activity or changes in conditions
  • Warehouse inspections before storage begins to ensure stringent safety and hygiene requirements are met

For inquiries, please contact:

François Kouadio
Stock Management Services Manager
t: +225 21 75 22 07

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