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Egypt – A Leading Grain Importer

Agri Trade HighlightsStock ManagementDecember 18, 2020

​As a pivotal country in the trade of agricultural products worldwide, our team in Egypt works closely with clients to enable them to store, transfer and distribute high quality commodities to their customers with confidence.

Market Issues

Egypt is considered one of the top grain importers in the world and the number one for wheat with more than 12 million metric tonnes imported per year. Other commodities are imported in huge volumes too, such as corn and soybeans, which have seen a recent rapid global rise in demand.

For our clients in Egypt we offer solutions that enable them to securely store goods under supervision of a trusted third party until final transactions are made with their buyers.

Stock Operations

Our primary responsibility in Egypt is the care and maintenance of goods during storage, ensuring they are stored in the correct conditions, to ensure high quality, and verifying the accuracy of the quantities. Providing regular updates to the client on the stock position is also critical and are communicated daily, weekly or as a client requests.

We have the capability to regularly estimate quantities stored, report quantities released, monitor discharge/storage operations, and to check temperatures and condition of stored goods. Quality is important and so we also check for the presence of insects or any other changes that may occur and affect the condition of the cargo.

Local Expertise

Our dedicated team provide solutions including:

  • Supervision of shipments at discharge ports for storage in warehouses
  • Inspecting warehouses for cleanliness and suitability before storage begins
  • Supervision of storage operations
  • Stock measurements and estimating quantity
  • Fumigation of goods to prevent insect risks

Client Benefits

Our main goal is to protect our clients' interests at all stages of goods handling – from discharge to final delivery to the buyer – and we do this by collaborating closely with them at every step of the process, building trust and delivering consistency.

For inquiries, please contact:

Ahmed Gaber
Business Manager in Egypt
t: +2 03 3958255

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