SGS offers a range of stock monitoring services across continental Africa and other regions to help clients ensure that stocks are kept secure.


To ensure safe storage of commodities, we have put in place different measures to ensure the best organization and procedures are in place. One of these measures is structured internal audits.

A Full Auditing Process

With a global footprint for stock management, SGS needs to assure clients of the safety of their products in storage. In addition to continuous off-site supervision by our Geneva based Global Coordination team, we also provide a 3-step on-site supervision program of local audits carried out monthly and quarterly by local management and an annual Head Office on-site audit for every single stock management storage unit in the world (under contract to the company).

Local Expertise, Local Review

Our team of highly trained, professional local auditors are completely independent from the local stock management managers. They visit warehouses to verify the quantity of the stored goods, the condition of the storage to secure the goods' integrity, and that all stock management standard operation procedures are strictly followed. Our local auditors have direct contact with the Head Office Risk Management team to report any non-conformities or deviations.

Quarterly Audit to Check and Verify

Once a quarter, the local SGS Managing Director visits a selected group of stock management projects to verify the stored goods against the same checklist as local auditors. This includes auditing our resources, the structure of the local stock management team, staff rotation, training needs, and a review of the work completed by the local auditors.

Annual Audit, International Expertise

Annually, one of our international auditors also visits the stock management project locations to offer further expertise and an additional high level verification check. The auditor usually finds well-stacked goods that are easy to count. Where manual verification is not possible, goods are quantified by using laser tri-dimensional measurements. It has been found that this extra step in the process provides the reassurance that our clients need and all possible variables that could contribute towards losses are minimized or eliminated.

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