Our agricultural services in Mexico are wide reaching and include the prevention of insect related damage, logistics support, and primary processing activities. Our Stock Monitoring Agreement (SMA) service gives reassurance to clients both in their storage capability and with their inventory management.


Market Issues

Crop storage is a challenge in Mexico. It's not just the conditions in warehouses that are difficult to manage; it is also the inventory flow. Historically, it has been difficult to implement protocols and procedures, which has made it easier for theft or other suspicious activities to take place along the supply chain. Both these elements jeopardize the quality and quantity of goods bringing uncertainty to growers and traders, and limiting financial investment. SMA services can change that.

Looking forward, we see opportunity for the industry to extend the range of crops grown in the country, to include for example, cotton, beans, etc. once the country's storage and management is optimized.

Stock Operations

In Mexico, we offer SMA solutions, which include a system that can trace and inspect goods throughout the supply chain, optimizing storage conditions and minimizing trading and transaction risk. This address historical control issues and opens the door to more efficient and profitable trading.

Local Expertise

Today, we have inspectors in Mexico working with two of the three largest warehouses in the country. Our experts validate the conditions of warehouses, executes inventory and quality inspections – providing a formal written and photographic dossier to the client with recommendations – and reports the amount of product stored and its quality.

Client Benefits

We build trust with our clients by providing independent, third party inspection and verification. Reporting is delivered almost in real-time so clients can respond accordingly with remedial actions to minimize the amount of spoiled crops. Our service arrangements, give clients more certainty in their stock quality and quantity so they can be more confident in trading activities with their customers.

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Business Manager
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