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SGS’s Olive Oil Panel in Germany Receives EU Recognition

March 23, 2020

SGS is pleased to announce that in February 2020 the olive oil panel of our sensory department in Hamburg, Germany received official EU recognition in Brussels.

Now listed as an officially recognized and approved panel, according to article 4 of commission regulation (EEC) No 2568/91, our olive oil panel delivers sensory analysis of olive oils to determine their quality using a standardized testing method – the panel test.

Professional analytical-objective tasters serve a critical role. Their analysis helps, for example, to determine an olive oil’s grade. Certified olive oil panels assess the organoleptic characteristics of olive oils against an intensity scale. By evaluating the intensity of sensory defects and positive attributes, the category of an olive oil is determined.

The International Olive Oil Council (IOC) in Madrid is the only intergovernmental organization that certifies and monitors the performance of olive oil sensory panels around the world. The EU and IOC describe in detail the requirements for the selection, training and monitoring of assessors, but also test environment, equipment and sample preparation are defined in specific guides (based on ISO standards). Every effort is made to minimize bias and train the tasters to be objective in their work to get reliable results.

For further information, please contact:

SGS Germany GmbH
Sensory Department
t: +49 (0) 4088 3093 02

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