China has issued a new national standard for Baby toddler walking assistant– GB/T 35448-2017. The new standard will become effective on July 1, 2018.

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The National Technical Committee of Garments of the Standardization Administration of China has issued its product standard GB/T 35448-2017 for Baby toddler walking assistant. It is the first product standard for a baby walking strap. The new standard was included in No. 32 announcement 2017 of newly approved national standards in the People’s Republic of China.

Definition for baby toddler walking assistant

The baby toddler walking assistants are intended for infants who can sit and walk by themselves (from 9 months to 24 months) and are designed to provide general structural support and protection when practicing walking.

Application Scope

This standard covers baby toddler walking assistants that are made of textile materials. Other similar products may refer to this standard.

Technical contents

The technical contents of this standard include:

1. Requirements for textile fabrics and filling materials

  • Textile fabrics shall comply with category A requirements in GB 31701-2015.
  • Textile fillings and down fillings shall comply with category A requirements in GB 31701-2015 and shall use new, pollution-free materials. Other filling materials shall comply with the requirements of related laws and compulsory standards.

2. Requirements for attached components

  • The attached components on the baby toddler walking assistant shall comply with the requirements of GB 31701-2015.
  • Limits of harmful substances in attached components shall comply with the requirements of Table 1 in GB/T 35448-2017.
  • Baby toddler walking assistants shall not have accessible sharp points and sharp edges.
  • If the attached toys and other accessories are intended for playing, they shall comply with the requirements of the related standards.

3. Requirements for construction

Seam strength of straps——Test the straps which provide support and lift function.

  • Tensile force of Buckle and Strap accessory——Test insert and closure, Tri-glide button, D-ladder lock, square buckle, hook buckle and hasp which are attached to the baby toddler walking attachment.
  • Overall impact property under fixed load——Connectors, buckles, seams, straps and fabricsetc. shall not tear, have broken sewing thread, ravelling, and fabric breakage at pressed parts when the overall impact property under fixed loads tested.

4. Requirements for marking and instruction for use

The contents, safety warnings, label, specification for marking and instruction for use are given in detail in this standard.

5. Requirements for package

The package and product itself of the baby toddler walking assistant shall not use sharp things, such as metal needles.

Details of The Technical Content

For more information, please refer to the China Industry Standard GB/T 35448-2017< Baby toddler walking assistant> or contact SGS directly.

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