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On 17th March 2016, the Utah House Bill 314 was signed and passed to accept the modification to the current Bedding, Upholstered Furniture, and Quilted Clothing Inspection Act. The amendments will become effective on 10th May 2016.

The State of Utah’s Bedding, Upholstered Furniture and Quilted Clothing Inspection Act applies to all bedding, upholstered furniture, and clothing made in whole or in part with filling material. Filling materials may include cotton, wool, kapok, feathers, down, shoddy, hair or other material, or a combination of materials, whether loose or in bags, bales, batting, pads, or other prefabricated form that is, or can be, used in bedding, upholstered furniture, or quilted clothing. The Act will protect consumers against fraud and product misrepresentation and will assure Utahans hygienically clean products and provide allergy awareness when purchasing bedding, upholstered furniture and quilted clothing articles.

The Utah law requires that every manufacturer, supply dealer and wholesaler (including importers) of bedding, upholstered furniture, quilted clothing and products which can be used in the making or repairing of these articles, whose products are offered for sale within the State of Utah, obtain an annual license issued by the Department of Agriculture and Food for their particular type of business. The license must be purchased prior to the time such merchandise enters the State of Utah or before engaging in repairing or reupholstering furniture or bedding, and before manufacturing regulated products within the State.

The newly released “Utah House Bill 314 Bedding, Upholstered Furniture, and Quilted Clothing Inspection Act Amendments” modified definitions, licensing provisions, provisions relating to unlawful acts, tagging requirements for bedding, upholstered furniture and filling material and newly added requirements of sterilization of filling materials. Some key changes are:

  • All bedding, upholstered furniture and filling material shall be securely tagged by the manufacturer, retailer or repairer

  • If more than one type of filling material is used in an item, the percentage by weight of each component part shall be listed in order of predominance

  • All wool, feathers, down, shoddy, hair or other material must be sterilized before it is used as filling material in new bedding, upholstered furniture, or quilted clothing. The Utah authorized department shall make rules governing the appropriate method for sterilization process.

The Bill Text of the “H.B. 314 Bedding, Upholstered Furniture, and Quilted Clothing Inspection Act Amendments” is available on the Utah State Legislature website.

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