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Jetoil Contract for Fuel Quality Certification in Greece

June 20, 2024

SGS is proud to announce a new partnership with Jetoil, a fuel retailer operating 113 gas stations across Greece. This contract will see SGS implementing its renowned Fuel Quality Certification Program, the Seal of Quality, across all Jetoil stations.

Ensuring the highest standards

The Seal of Quality program is designed to ensure the highest standards of fuel quality and operational excellence. Through rigorous inspection, testing and certification processes, SGS will help Jetoil ensure the purity and performance of its fuel, providing customers with the assurance of top-quality products.

Commitment to superior fuel quality

By partnering with SGS, Jetoil demonstrates its commitment to delivering superior fuel quality and maintaining the highest standards of customer satisfaction. This collaboration also aligns with SGS's mission to promote sustainability and excellence in the fuel retail sector globally.

Enhancing customer trust and satisfaction

Ioannis Kastanis, Natural Resources Business Manager in Greece, said: "We are thrilled to partner with Jetoil. Our Seal of Quality program will ensure that Jetoil’s customers receive the best possible fuel products, enhancing their overall experience and trust in the brand. We look forward to a successful partnership with Jetoil and to enhancing the fuel retail experience for consumers across Greece.”

For more details about our Fuel Quality Monitoring Programs, please visit Fuel Quality Monitoring Programs.

Watch our video, to understand the full process

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For further information, please contact:

Ioannis (John) Kastanis
Business Manager
Natural Resources
t: +30 22960 34992

About Jetoil:

Cetracore- Jetoil SA is a petroleum company operating in Greece since March 2018, when Cetracore Energy Gmbh acquired Jetoil, a Greek company which was established in 1968 and dominated the Greek petroleum market for decades being the first privately- held oil company in the country.

This is a rapidly changing world where technological advances are becoming more and more integrated into the fields of international business, industry and the economy. In this context, Cetracore- Jetoil aims at constant development, operational excellence and sustainable economic growth in Greece and the Balkans (Albania, Bulgaria, North Macedonia, Kosovo and Serbia) via its wholesale, exports and retail operations offering high- quality products and services.

Cetracore- Jetoil operates gas stations throughout the country and oil storage facilities in Kalochori, Thessaloniki and in Kosovo, constantly seeking to strengthen the sector of energy.

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