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Birsfelden Laboratory Adds New Stability Studies Capability for Biopharmaceuticals

June 20, 2024

Our customers will now find it easier than ever to access the biopharmaceutical insights and answers they need, as we have added stability studies to the biopharmaceutical service portfolio of our laboratory in Birsfelden, Switzerland.

The laboratory allows us to provide an even more complete service for SGS customers, addressing their need for reliable, cost-efficient stability testing.

As of February 2024, the laboratory’s service portfolio has been offering a wide range of new services, including the storage of samples and all related analytical services.

As a result, the laboratory is now providing fully integrated services, including:   

  • Stability storage of samples under controlled temperature and humidity conditions, from -80°C to +25°C and beyond, in accordance with the ICH Q5C guideline for stability testing
  • All other portfolio services, including:
    • Performing QC analytics starting from compendial methods over physicochemical analytics (impurities/identity)
    • Bioassays

The testing site is now a true “one-stop shop” for customers.

As part of this expansion, our project managers oversee the execution of each study, acting as a single point of contact for the client, taking responsibility for budget and timelines, and providing an agile approach to deliver  any of our client’s needs. When biopharmaceutical customers need assistance with their stability studies, the SGS Birsfelden laboratory provides the full package of services, expertise, and support from start to finish.

A state-of-the-art new facility

To evolve the Birsfelden facility, a newly built, state-of-the-art 550 sqm space has been added to the laboratory. It includes a dedicated space for sample reception and registration, stability chambers and analytical laboratories, with 24/7 access control and monitoring. Samples are pulled in this area and analyzed in the laboratory just next door, creating a hyper-efficient process to serve our customers’ timelines.

The dedicated stability storage compartment is itself made up of four climate cabinets and freezers from Binder and ALS. As a result, the storage compartment can withstand temperature and humidity conditions ranging from -80°C to +25°C and beyond, in line with ICH Q5C and other guidelines. Each of the chambers has a backup, meaning eight total chambers are now available, with space for further expansion.

To support the growing demand from our clients, our laboratory will increase the number of its staff members to around 65 people.

Expanding existing capabilities

Experts at the laboratory have already been providing bioanalysis for preclinical and clinical trials; bioassays for characterization, stability and release testing; and compendial QC testing. This expansion therefore complements the laboratory’s existing portfolio of services.

The beginning of a new stability studies journey

The Birsfelden laboratory team expects all chambers of the new cabinets to be progressively in use over the forthcoming year.

The laboratory’s capability will continue to expand through addition of new services and technologies like qPCR, MFI and SoloVPE.

For more information, please contact:

Bernhard Schnurr
Health Science - Site Manager
SGS Health Science
t: +41 61 204 0800

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