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ASTM Publishes New Standard for Beach Umbrellas and Anchor Devices

SafeGuardSHardgoodsMay 07, 2024

SG 65/24

ASTM has published a new consumer safety specification for beach umbrellas and anchor devices, designated ASTM F3681-24.

In April 2024, ASTM International published a new standard consumer safety specification for beach umbrellas and anchor devices with designation ASTM F3681-24. The standard addresses the hazards identified by the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), which includes lacerations and impalement from the shaft/pole of a windblown airborne beach umbrella.

The standard defines beach umbrella and anchor device as follows:

  • Beach umbrella – a removable device installed in or on the sand on a beach, consisting of a canopy supported by a single shaft/pole, used as protection against sun, rain or other potential weather
  • Anchor device – a device that is attached to or integrated into the umbrella pole and is secured in or on the sand on a beach, which enables the umbrella to perform in an open upright or angled position and prevents the umbrella from becoming airborne

Requirements in the standard includes:

  • Attachment strength
    • Beach umbrella/anchor systems with an area of the umbrella plane 45 ft2 or less may use either the mechanical pull or wind tunnel test method
    • Beach umbrella/anchor systems with an area of the umbrella plane over 45 ft2 must use the wind tunnel test method
    • The mechanical pull test method is performed by installing the umbrella (or bottom pole) with anchor system tilted at 20° angle into or on the sand box. A 75 lbf pull force is applied to the top of the umbrella (or bottom pole) within five seconds and held for 20 seconds. This test simulates the upward lift force created by a 30-mph wind
    • The wind tunnel test is performed in a wind tunnel facility with the umbrella fully opened and installed in the sand box. A wind speed is applied from 15 mph to maximum 30 mph in five mph increments, holding each wind speed for five minutes, and maintaining at 30 mph for an additional 30 minutes.
  • Marking and labeling
    • Requires warning label shown below to be on the product and packaging (if the on-product label is not visible through the retail package in its entirety).
Warning Image
    • Requires compliance label shown below for anchor devices as applicable.
Warning image
  • Instructional literature
    • Requires the providing of instructions that include information on assembly, installation, operation, warnings, and maintenance (where applicable). A replica of the warning label is also required to be on the instructions

The standard was developed by the ASTM Market Umbrellas Subcommittee (F15.79) and approved on April 1, 2024.

Copy of the standard can be purchased at ASTM International

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