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SGS VP Joins APSCA Executive Board

May 19, 2023

Laurent Corbaz, Vice President of Strategic Planning and Business Support at SGS, is happy to join the Association of Professional Social Compliance Auditors’ (APSCA) Executive Board.

Carrying on the important work

"As a founding member and global leader in social compliance auditing, SGS has long partnered with APSCA in social compliance auditing.

"I am looking forward to driving the further development of APSCA and, along with my board colleagues, implementing initiatives that increase the credibility and sustainability of social compliance assessments.

"At SGS, we are passionate about improving lives, working conditions and practices that bring value to society. APSCA also plays a vital role in this and, therefore, aligns with our core values,” said Laurent, who has worked at SGS for 16 years.

SGS has an unmatched global network of over 750 auditors enrolled with APSCA across 80 countries. SGS performs more than 25,000 social assessments annually and has over 15 scheme approvals across different industry sectors.

"Our involvement in such multi-stakeholder partnerships, where we discuss industry trends, regulations and needs, reflects our commitment to supporting industry growth and continuing to professionalize the social auditing space. We look forward to further strengthening this partnership,” added Laurent, who is based in Geneva, Switzerland.

More about APSCA

APSCA is the leading industry association for social compliance auditing. It represents the majority of social compliance audit firms and more than 4,700 auditors who audit globally.

Collectively, APSCA-certified auditors conduct tens of thousands of social compliance audits annually, engage with hundreds of thousands of workers directly and, ultimately, benefit millions of supply chain workers globally through the identification of labor violations.

APSCA is the largest group of professionals conducting on-site assessments of human and labor rights issues around the world.

More about Laurent Corbaz

Laurent has held numerous SGS senior management roles in Eastern Europe, the US and Switzerland. He is responsible for strategic development and planning within the Knowledge division, which covers auditing, certification, training, supply chain, sustainability, medical devices and consulting services.

Outgoing executive, Anastasia Spathi

Anastasia Spathi, Global Technical Governance Manager at SGS, has stepped down from APSCA’s Executive Board after two years as SGS’s global social audit expert. The board thanked her for all her efforts, particularly recently leading the Exam and Capacity Working Group.

Anastasia will remain connected with APSCA through her ongoing work as the operational lead at SGS.

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