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China Releases a New National Standard GB/T 41788-2022 for Multifunctional Knitted Products

SafeGuardSSoftlinesMay 03, 2023

SG 50/23

China has issued a new national product standard, GB/T 41788-2022, for multifunctional knitted productswhich becomes effective May 1, 2023.

The Standardization Administration of China issued its national standard for multifunctional knitted products, GB/T 41788-2022, which becomes effective May 1, 2023, and was included in China’s No. 13 announcement of approved national standards in 2022.


This document is applicable to multifunctional knitted products.

Multifunctional knitted products are defined as:

  • Knitted products which are made of fabrics with two or more different functions where the knitted parts account for 70 percent or more of the total area, or
  • Knitted products which are made of two or more different kinds of functional fabrics where the knitted parts account for 70 percent or more of the total area

Note 1: if the knitted products are made of multi-layer fabrics, each fabric layer shall have two or more functions, where each layer of the functional knitted fabrics accounts for 70 percent or more of the total area.

Note 2: the conventional protection properties and decorative properties for garments and accessories are excluded.

Product classification

Products within scope can be divided into the following three categories, according to the end use:

  1. Knitted garments, e.g. underwear, outerwear, brassieres, swimming suits, sportswear, home-wear, T-shirts, etc.
  2. Knitted accessories, e.g. caps, hosiery, gloves, sheets, towels, desk cloths, etc.
  3. Knitted fabrics, e.g. jersey, interlock, warp lace, wool pile fabrics, etc.

Functional requirements

The functional requirements shall comply with the requirements of table 1 in GB/T 41788-2022.

The functional category and correspondent test items are detailed in the table below.

No.Functional categoryCorrespondent test items
1Water resistanceSpray rating and hydrostatic pressure rating
2Water vapor transmission of fabricsWater vapor transmission rate
3Absorption and ability to dry quicklyDrip diffusion time, wicking height and evaporation rate
4Warmth retention propertyWarmth retention ratio
5Cool feeling propertyContact cool feeling coefficient
6Solar ultraviolet radiation protective propertyUPF and T(UVA)AV
7Electrostatic propertyElectric charge and static half period
8Oil repellency;Oil repellency grade
9Anti-soil propertyStain resistance and soil release
10Iron-free performanceThe smoothness appearance of fabrics after cleaning, the appearance of creases in fabrics after cleaning, the smoothness appearance of seams in fabrics after cleaning, and dimensional change after cleaning
11Antibacterial activityInhibition rate
12Deodorant propertyOdor reduction rate
13Anti-mite activityInhibition rate or percent repellency
14Anti-mold activityAnti-mold effect
15Anti-mosquito propertyPercent repellency or knock-off rate or killing rate
16Radiation resistanceElectromagnetic shielding effectiveness
17Infrared radiation propertyFar infrared emissivity and far infrared radiation temperature rise value
18 Magnetic property Magnetic induction
19Moisture absorption property;Moisture absorption heating temperature rise value
20Heat and moisture propertyThermal resistance, water vapor permeability index and overall moisture management capability

Chemical control requirements for functional products

Applicable products must comply with the requirements of GB 18401 and GB 31701, and the multifunctional knitted products with the claimed functional category in Table 2 of GB/T 41788-2022 shall also comply with the requirements in Table 2 of GB/T 41788-2022.

Details of the technical content

For more information, please refer to the China National Standard GB/T 41788-2022 for multifunctional knitted products, or contact SGS directly.

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