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SGS Strengthens Multidisciplinary Testing Capabilities in Finland

Consumer CompactConsumer Goods and RetailOctober 11, 2022

SGS has expanded its comprehensive consumer product testing capabilities in Finland with an enhanced laboratory and headquarters in Helsinki. Opened in 2019, the facilities complement SGS’s existing Finnish capabilities in Espoo, Tuusula and Tampere.

With an unbroken history of offering exemplary testing services that goes back to 1928, this is SGS’s most northerly Connectivity & Products testing facility, with Competence Centers for multiple product types. It is strategically located close to major technology research and development centers for renewable energy solutions, internet of things (IoT) and radio-based technologies and offers comprehensive solutions for both Nordic and global clients.

Location: Helsinki, Finland
Established: 1928, new laboratory in 2019
Size: 8,000 m2
Employees: 150


Serving national and international clients, we test a diverse range of products, including:

  • Electrical & electronic (EE) products - including high voltage power line connectors, versatile power supply up to 690V/200A and testing for socket outlets, including LED loads, switches, etc.
  • Medical devices
  • Machinery
  • Personal protective equipment (PPE) – the only SGS testing facility in Europe for medical face masks and respirators
  • Training equipment (e.g. treadmills)

Key services:

Our comprehensive testing solutions cover:

  • Safety
  • Electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) and radio frequency (RF) – one of the largest EMC chambers in Northern Europe and with an EMC testing range up to 1 kV and 200 Amps
  • Environmental conditions – large walk-in chamber (dry heat and damp heat)
  • Performance testing to global certification, market and client requirements
  • Calibration for electrical and some non-electrical products 

The site also offers dust-proof testing and evaluation against water ingress (full scale IPX1-IPX9). Its EMC and safety laboratories also have the ability to test products with challenging dimensions (large and tall).


  • FINAS accreditation for testing, calibration, and product certification
  • EU Notified Body for MDR, EMC, RED, MD, PED, CPR, ATEX, PPE and MID
  • IECEE CBTL laboratory recognition
  • European Certification ETICS TL recognition
  • NRTL (US) recognized laboratory
  • SCC (Canada) recognized laboratory
  • ZLS recognized laboratory for GS certification

Our experts provide technical verification, product certification, quality improvement and technology development services, working in partnership with our clients to develop and deliver safe, high-quality products that conform to recognized national and international standards. 

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