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Triman and Sorting Info is Available for Clothing, Household Linen and Footwear Products in France

SafeGuardSSoftlinesApril 21, 2022

With the implementation of the AGEC law in France, Re_fashion has published updated signage relating to textile and footwear recycling.

According to Article 17 of France’s AGEC law and its Decree n° 2021-835 of June 29, 2021, consumer products available on the French market must provide consumers with standardized information related to the way the items must be discarded, i.e. recycled.

The EPR (Extended Producer Responsibility), which requires market players to manage the waste of their products, finances Re_fashion, an eco-organization for clothing, household linen and footwear products which is in charge of developing and submitting signage in compliance with the decree to the French government.

On February 1, 2022, Re_Fashion published the symbols for sorting information, as approved by the French Ministry for the Ecological Transition.

Stakeholders have until February 1, 2023 to put the information on products and until August 1, 2023 to ensure pre-existing stocks (products manufactured or imported before February 1, 2023) are also compliant.

Triman and Sorting information must be provided to consumers together.

SG 05022 Figure 1

The Sorting signage provides the opportunity to adjust it according to stakeholders' concerns.

Logos for clothing, household linen and footwear can be displayed alone, or together, and with self-deposit point(s) (symbols for container, store and association).

SG 05022 Figure 2

The symbol "MAGASIN VOLONTAIRE" is reserved for retailers with collection points at their sales outlets.

The signage can be put on a label, a hangtag, a product’s packaging, or on a sticker. The latter is especially useful for goods imported to the French market before February 2023 and which will need to comply with the regulation by August 1, 2023 latest.

Some exemptions exist regarding size and media to be used (see Safeguards).

SG 05022 Figure 3

For products sold only on the French market, a sentence shall be added when only one self-deposit bank (container) is mentioned (meaning your clothing and footwear have a future, donate them!)

As there are many options for displaying the information (horizontal, vertical, transparent or white backgrounds, logos …), the Re_fashion file including the Graphic charter can be downloaded here

Last November, signage dedicated to packaging was also published by the relevant Eco-organization. This means that two sets of signage could have to be provided to consumers on the same product (one for textile, one for packaging).

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