On April 22, 2022, the world will celebrate Earth Day, focusing on the actions people all over the world can take to protect the Earth. This year’s theme is “Invest in Our Planet”.

At SGS, we have made contributing to a better planet one of the pillars of our Sustainability Ambitions 2030, which set us on a path towards a better future. We make many investments to promote sustainability, integrating the financial and non-financial aspects of our company.

Our Energy Efficiency in Buildings (EEB) program is a key driver in promoting sustainability. We have more than 2,600 offices and laboratories around the world, and their energy use accounts for 68% of our global energy consumption. Therefore investing in energy efficiency measures in buildings is a priority for us, as it enables us to improve our sustainability performance significantly and protect the planet.

In 2021, we launched an investment plan to finance energy initiatives in our owned and leased buildings, funding 43 projects in more than 10 countries that year. Here are some examples of actions that have been taken throughout our global network.

New Smart Building in Portugal

April 22 is the one hundredth anniversary of SGS’s presence in Portugal, and it will also mark the inauguration of our new smart building in Lisbon, which was designed with our sustainability criteria in mind. To minimize the need for artificial light, the outer walls are made of glass to take advantage of sun exposure. LED lights are used to reduce energy consumption and the need for maintenance, with lumen sensors strategically placed to calculate the intensity of light needed. The electrical network was designed to allow for the installation of solar panels and electrical parking without significant changes, helping us to fulfill our carbon neutrality strategy.

The building’s climatization system uses automated air treatment units with sensors that detect temperature, humidity and pressure, adjusting air flow parameters while taking into account exterior atmospheric conditions. In line with our commitment to renewable energy, all the heat generated through this system is used to feed the hot water network.

Reducing Energy Consumption in Argentina

At our new laboratory in General Deheza, we have installed:

  • Low energy consumption freezer for samples and reagents
  • A 40 kw generation station
  • LED lighting and low consumption air conditioners throughout the lab
  • A 40 kw solar panel station, expected to save around 72,000 kilowatts hours yearly

Combined, these projects should save approximately 76,000 kwh per year.

Additionally, the lighting system at our La Plata vehicle verification plant has been upgraded to LED.

Automatic Doors and New VDF Drives in Chile

In March 2021, automatic doors were installed at our corporate headquarters in Chile, to allow samples to be delivered without the doors having to be kept open. Keeping the doors open was causing energy for air conditioning to be wasted. It is estimated that this improvement will save around 4,000 kwh per month.

Additionally, we are installing eight VDF drives, also at our Chile corporate headquarters, to achieve an estimated monthly savings of about 11,000 kwh. The first stage of this project was completed in January 2022.

Energy Efficiency Projects Across North America

We are reducing energy consumption at many of our facilities across North America:

  • The heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) system at our Mississauga facility has been upgraded to be more energy efficient
  • Our new building automation system in Mississauga is also increasing energy efficiency
  • By upgrading our chiller pipe insulation at our Deer Park facility, we have minimized heat loss and cooling loss, increasing energy savings
  • We have installed high efficiency hot water tanks at our facilities in Markham and Toronto
  • To reduce energy usage from lighting, we are updating the lighting systems to LED lighting at our Fairfield and Lakefield facilities, and to smart LED lighting at our Lincolnshire facility
  • By installing FLIR windows at our Burnaby facility, we have reduced the threat of electrical shut down and injury, making operations and inspections more efficient, while ensuring compliance with Natural Fire Protection Association (NFPA) requirements

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