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Food Analysis Laboratory Inaugurated on SGS’s 70th Anniversary in Mexico

Hot SourceSGS UpdatesFebruary 09, 2022

On our 70th anniversary in Mexico, we have announced the opening of a new 500m2 food analysis laboratory in Naucalpan, State of Mexico.

The laboratory's experienced personnel, working in first-class facilities, will provide organizations with a wide array of key food, beverage, and environmental analysis services. Our laboratory services will help customers comply with national and international regulations, such as Mexico's NOM 051-2010 food labeling regulation. The laboratory has also received accreditation under NMX-EC-17025-IMNC-2018 for the conformity assessment of food-related activities, granted by the Mexican Accreditation Entity.

The laboratory's specific capabilities include:

  • Drinking and bottled water analysis
  • Bromatological and physicochemical food analysis
  • Microbiological analysis including pathogens such as Salmonella and Listeria
  • Environmental analysis: water quality, wastewater, soil, and soil contamination
  • Microbiological surface monitoring and analysis
  • Analysis of heavy metals and trace levels
  • Sensory analysis: color, taste, odor and texture
  • Nutritional and compositional analysis: fiber, fat, protein, ash, pH, humidity and refractive index, among others
  • Physical testing: temperature, foreign matter, count and size, etc.

Testing can be conducted on a range of food products. These include seafood, finished food products, grain products, cereals, industrial bakery and pastry, confectionery, snacks, meat and poultry, sauces, fruits and vegetables, dairy products, juices, beverages and other ingredients.

 SGS Alta Mexico Laboratory 

The laboratory's capacity will soon increase as we aim to employ 37 full-time members of staff. The laboratory itself is open from Monday to Friday, though microbiology operations will take place seven days a week – and special services will be available on demand. We can also arrange for sample collection across the country and, when needed, provide specialized testing through our global network of laboratories.

The new Naucalpan laboratory will support the Mexican food industry, assisting organizations with quality control and regulatory compliance. Additionally, we will help ensure that products produced for export are safe and compliant with international regulations, such as the Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA), through the analysis of the product and materials throughout the entire supply chain. Furthermore, we will help ensure compliance with GFSI-recognized, gluten-free and non-GMO certification schemes and product labeling requirements.

Thanks to our range of certifications and food product services, organizations can demonstrate that their foodstuffs are fully compliant with regulations. They can also gain independent third-party verification that their products meet the standards stated on their packaging.

These services provide a competitive advantage, making it easier for organizations to successfully market their products throughout the world.

As Gerardo Villavicencio, SGS Mexico's Managing Director, comments: "Seventy years in Mexico would not be possible without our clients; we want to thank them for being part of this great story. We're committed to offering services that promote sustainable development to build a better, safer, and more interconnected world."

This echoes our wider global mission, one that champions continuous improvement and innovation – supporting our clients' operations by reducing risks and increasing productivity.

For more information, please contact:

Jacqueline Vera
External Communication Manager
SGS Mexico
t: +521 55 2095 5267

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