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SGS Expert Leads a Discussion on Circular Construction for a Sustainable Future

December 10, 2021

Currently, the construction sector accounts for 36% of worldwide energy demands and 40% of global energy and process related emissions (source: International Energy Agency).

The built environment in Europe accounts for about 50% of all extracted material and over 35% of the European Union’s (EU’s) total waste generation.

To achieve Europe’s climate neutral by 2050 goal, the construction industry has to make crucial changes. By moving to a circular economy, the construction sector can become an important part of the solution, with benefits including improving the security of raw material supply, increasing competitiveness, boosting economic growth and creating jobs.

At SGS, we are helping the construction sector move further along its journey to sustainability with solutions such as assessing a product’s life cycle environmental impact, declaring recycled content, improving recycling rates and more. Hear in this video from Agnes Schuurmans, Business Development Manager Sustainability at SGS, as she discusses the importance of policies and standards in making Europe’s sustainability goals a reality.

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