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New SGS Skin Care Clinical Testing Laboratory Opens in Hong Kong

November 29, 2021

We have recently opened Hong Kong's first skin care efficacy testing clinical laboratory to cater to the region's growing beauty and personal care industry.

This rapid growth has largely been fueled by wider trends such as consumers' preferences for products with targeted effects and personalized beauty.

Our Hong Kong laboratory will allow manufacturers and brands to demonstrate their products' quality and safety. Rigorous testing, whether this is skin safety testing, product efficacy testing (to support claims) or subjective consumer studies, will allow brands to build trust with consumers and grow their business.

The laboratory offers a wide range of efficacy, safety, sensory and toxicology tests, such as:

  • Skin moisturization/hydration
  • Skin barrier function
  • Oil control
  • Firmness/elasticity
  • Skin brightening
  • Patch testing (safety)

In addition, we can carry out in-home use tests with dermatologist evaluation, sensory and toxicology assessments.

Thanks to our years of experience supporting global beauty and personal care brands, SGS understands how important it is for brands to put testing at the core of their brand-building and wider growth efforts. That's why we have established Hong Kong's first skin performance testing laboratory where our world-class specialists use their expertise and work with validated instruments to support both local and global skincare manufacturers. Leading players in the beauty and personal care industry will benefit from SGS's transparent practices, unrivaled expertise, and complete array of testing solutions.

For more information on our testing, inspection and certification services in the region, please get in touch:

Cosmetics & Hygiene Hong Kong
t: +852 2609 9611

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