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Toy Updates: September 2021

Consumer CompactToys and Juvenile ProductsSeptember 20, 2021

Brexit: exporting toys to the UK

Brexit is a fact. But what is actually changing when exporting toys to the UK? In this issue we answer the following key questions:

  1. What is the UKCA mark?
  2. When are the requirements mandatory?
  3. Do I need a UK address?
  4. Can we apply EU harmonized toy standards for the UK?
  5. What needs to be on the UK Declaration of Conformity?

What is the UKCA mark?


The UKCA-mark needs to be used in the UK to show that toys are compliant with the mandatory safety requirements. The UKCA mark replaces the CE-mark, for the UK, and is applied in the same way. On most toys, self-certification can be applied as it is for the CE mark. Currently, there is a transition period, during which authorities recommend application of the UKCA mark. For more details, visit guidance UKCA mark

When are the requirements mandatory?

The requirements for applying the UKCA mark, UK name and address and UK Declaration of Conformity will become mandatory on January 1, 2023. However, it is recommended that you start using the UKCA mark prior to this date.

Do I need a UK address?

When importing toys into the UK the importer’s name is required to accompany the UKCA mark. The importer should indicate their name and address on the product or documentation, keep a copy of the declaration of conformity, and ensure the technical documentation can be made available to surveillance authorities upon request.

Can we apply EU harmonized toy standards for the UK?

Currently the safety requirements remain the same. Harmonized EN 71 standards can be used to show compliance.

What needs to be on the UK Declaration of Conformity?

The UK Declaration of Conformity is basically the same as the EU Declaration of Conformity, except for the title. See Using the UKCA marking - GOV.UK (

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