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Why On-Farm Forages and Grains Are Among Your Most Valuable Assets

Seed and Crop NewsSoil, Leaf and Water ServicesJuly 21, 2021

On-farm forages and grains are incredibly valuable – especially when compared to the cost of other purchased inputs.

This is especially true given that the prices of corn and oilseeds are currently at multi-year highs. SGS can be a valuable partner to livestock and poultry farmers throughout 2021, providing prompt and precise nutrient testing to help them successfully progress through their various forage and grain harvests.

The Benefits of Forage and Grain Testing

Forage and grain testing enable nutritionists to formulate specialized diets that simultaneously support targeted milk production and targeted weight gain, and that more generally optimize key animal health metrics. SGS’s testing will ensure that nutritionists fulfill all necessary nutrient requirements while guaranteeing that they don’t go overboard – this could be a costly mistake.

Forage and Grain Testing

Forage and Grain Testing

In addition to helping formulate precise, economical livestock and poultry diets, nutrient testing provides a range of additional agronomic benefits.

Ongoing Feedback

Forage and grain test results are crucial for measuring variety performance and for providing feedback on crop fertility decisions, optimal harvesting date, cutting height decisions and ensiling practices.

Toxins Testing

Forage and grain testing can also reveal the presence of harmful toxins or nitrates and the severity of the toxin concentration. This allows you to preemptively prevent any animal health issues and combat potential declines in production.

Nitrates Testing

Plant nitrogen metabolism can be severely impacted when long periods of drought are suddenly followed by periods of wet weather. High nitrate levels are commonly found in grass forages like corn silage, small grains, sudangrass, orchardgrass and fescue, though they can also be found in most forage under extreme conditions.

In addition to forages, high levels of nitrates can also occur in common weeds including pigweed, lambsquarter, ragweed, Johnson grass, and many others. Laboratory results can prevent losses and assist in reallocating forages and grains to classes of livestock that are less sensitive to the presence of lower levels of nitrates or toxins.

Interpreting Test Results

Work with experienced nutritionists, agronomists, and veterinarians to gain an in-depth understanding of your test results. Form long-lasting relationships with expert advisors who understand your specific livestock and poultry populations, using this content to interpret your test results for maximum impact.

SGS’s Forage and Grain Testing Capabilities

Hay Sampling

Randy Neals, Business Development Manager, samples hay.

Our wide range of testing packages means that there is an SGS nutrient test package for all classes of livestock and poultry, and for all expense budgets.

Work with your SGS laboratory to select the appropriate package and choose sample submission methods that fulfill your farmers’ and ranchers’ requirements. With customizable plans, experienced staff, and first-class testing instrumentation, SGS can be a valuable partner for all your forage and grain testing needs.

Help your farmers and ranchers maximize their potential. For sample submission forms or any other forage and grain testing questions, do not hesitate to get in touch with SGS.

For further information, please contact:

Randy Neals
Crop Science
Business Development Manager
t: +1 519 710 2085

About the Author

Randy Neals is Business Development Manager for SGS Crop Science, based in our Guelph, Ontario laboratory, and is responsible for our Eastern Canada business. He has a BSc in Agriculture from the University of Guelph. Randy has considerable experience in animal nutrition and animal health, having worked for multi-national corporations supplying agricultural inputs.

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