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Welcome to Seed and Crop News. Read about the highlights and developments from the seed and crop industry, and learn about our capabilities in this area.
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Petri Dishes Soil Samples

Enhanced Soil Sample Testing Capacity Now Available in Taunusstein

Find out about high-quality testing through the latest state-of-the-art soil sample facility. 
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Field station Benacazon overview 2023

Crop Science Service Portfolio is Expanding in Spain

Our new experimental station for Crop Science is based in Benacazón, Seville. Situated in the heart of Spanish agriculture, it's fully equipped with for a range of crop-focused experiments.

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Ploughed Fields

SGS Announces Collaboration with AgriCircle to Offer Sustainable Agriculture Measurement Solutions

Find out how SGS has collaborated with AgriCircle to provide soil health measurement solutions for regenerative farming practices.
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Climate Neutral Group

Agro Soil Testing and Calculation Now Available for Carbon Sequestration - an SGS and Climate Neutral Group Collaboration

Find out how SGS and Climate Neutral Group are helping farmers shift to carbon farming practices.
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Biopesticides Lab

Greenhouse and growth chamber capacities for special study designs at SGS in Emstek, Germany

The SGS Center of Agriculture Testing provides capacities for unique all-season test designs under protected and controlled conditions. Our experts support our customers with their long-lasting knowledge in study design and monitoring.
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Platten Glass Cylinder

SGS’s Hamburg Lab Introduces GLP Five-Batch Analysis to Support the Biopesticide Industry

SGS has successfully run a GLP study on five-batch analysis for biological plant protection products at its dedicated biopesticide lab in Hamburg, Germany.
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Leaves with Chemical Elements

SGS To Expand Its Plant Genotyping Services to Brookings, USA

From October 2022, SGS's Brookings laboratory in South Dakota will provide key plant genotyping services.

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Soil Testing

DNA Screening and Comprehensive Microbiome Analysis for New Agricultural Products

SGS can now analyze the impact of biostimulants, pesticides and seed treatment solutions on the soil microbiome community.

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orig bee flying Pexels

SGS InsectScan: Monitoring Insects Through DNA

SGS is now using forensic methods to monitor insect biodiversity.

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SGS Chemical Laboratory Testing in Hürth Germany

Expansion of GLP Testing Capabilities at Hürth, Germany Laboratory

The laboratory’s new capabilities allow us to perform safety studies for a variety of commercially relevant polymers used in agrochemicals and seed treatment products.

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