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SGS Embraces New ISO Standard for the Tourism Industry

June 16, 2021

SGS embraces the ISO/PAS 5643:2021 standard, which was published by the International Standards Organization (ISO) last month.

All current, relevant SGS solutions, such as the SGS Cleaning & Disinfection Protocol and our broader SGS Hospitality Experience Program, are reflected in the standard's objectives, scope and content.

Prevention Of Spread of Illnesses (POSI) hygiene protocols have always been of paramount importance to the tourism and hospitality sector. Though the current standard arrives over 15 months after the start of the pandemic, it has been necessary to align all existing initiatives to ensure that, in the eyes of employees and guests, the entire tourism sector provides the same level of assurance.

The standard approaches the diverse range of tourist activities, from overarching accommodation schemes to different excursion activities and means of transport, responding to industry players' needs and the challenges of providing safe tourism.

The next step toward standardization is the development of a standard visual identification; the "European Tourism COVID-19 Safety Seal". This is currently being developed by CEN (CWA 5643-1 & 2). The introduction of this seal will enable a homogenous visual label that demonstrates a consistent technical approach, although current private initiatives will be able to keep their usual "beyond the standards" approach for upscale differentiation in the market.

"SGS is proud to help the tourism and hospitality industry through a revision of hygiene protocols and its adaptation to the constantly changing environment and upcoming regulations," says Frankie Ng, CEO of SGS. "It is certainly true that SGS has been helping this industry implement excellent standards in terms of hygiene, POSI, H&S, Legionella and fire safety, through our comprehensive SGS Hospitality Experience Program, and some of these risk assessments have adapted naturally to the new requirements, in line with the new standard published by ISO."

SGS is the leading global risk management services provider for the travel & tourism industry, conducting over 15,000 hotel & excursions assessments per year in more than 50 countries worldwide. We support the industry every step of the way, helping it ensure a safer, more sustainable and more inclusive tourism offering for society.

Companies can achieve excellent scores in the main challenging areas of the industry – safety, health and sustainability – via compliance with the SGS Hospitality Program, going beyond the requirements of the ISO/PAS 5643 standard. This means that, with SGS, they will always be one step ahead.

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SGS Global Tourism & Hospitality Market Developer
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