Every year the US sees a swathe of food recalls caused by undeclared allergens.


From peanuts in ground cumin to shellfish in ravioli, if it’s not declared on the label, it can’t hit the shelves!

Reduce your risk by tackling the three common causes of recalls:

  1. Undeclared allergens in raw materials
  2. Incorrect labeling
  3. Contamination during production

Food safety is our shared priority. From our global network of ISO/IEC 17025 accredited food testing labs we can help you to address all the above, assuring the safety, quality and sustainability of your food products.

Gluten Free – Did You Know?

A final rule from the US FDA allows manufacturers to voluntarily label fermented, hydrolyzed or distilled foods as gluten-free in a move designed to boost consumer confidence in gluten-free claims.

This rule requires you to make and keep records to show that:

  • The food meets the US FDA definition of gluten-free
  • The manufacturer has evaluated the process for any potential gluten cross-contamination
  • Measures are in place to prevent potential for cross-contamination

SGS Solutions

SGS offers a comprehensive range of services to help operators in the food sector navigate the complex regulations regarding food labeling. With a global network of experts and laboratories, and automated label validation checking from Digicomply Labelwise, we can support the full label development process – from a simple label check through verification of full compliance with food regulations, full language translation and verification of label layout and design. Our solutions let you demonstrate to your clients that your products are safe and comply with national and international regulations.

Get in touch today to find out how we can help you reduce risks and improve food safety and quality.

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