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SGS Completes Two Hundredth Ballast Water Management System Commissioning Test

September 30, 2020

SGS is celebrating the completion of its two hundredth ballast water management system (BWMS) commissioning test.

BWMS are installed by shipowners to ensure compliance with the International Maritime Organization (IMO) Ballast Water Management Convention's D-2 performance standard. This standard defines the allowable concentrations of viable organisms in ballast water discharged from ships.

Once a BWMS is installed, it must undergo commissioning testing to ensure that its mechanical, physical and chemical processes are working properly. As the leader in environmental, health and safety testing solutions for the maritime industry, SGS has risen to meet the needs of the shipping industry and, so far, has performed 200 commissioning tests to determine the biological efficacy of BWMS. These tests were conducted:

  • In 12 countries
  • For ships under 10 different flag states
  • For 21 different BWMS manufacturers
  • For 9 classification societies

SGS's extensive global network – which includes operations in more than 330 ports – enables us to provide consistent testing worldwide, so our customers in the maritime industry can ensure compliance with increasingly stringent environmental regulations around the world.

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