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SGS Includes the 4th Railway Package under Its Nobo Accreditation Scope

RailJune 29, 2020

With this important milestone, we are firmly positioned as a key player in the rail certification business.

The 4th Railway Package is a set of legislative texts aimed to complete the single market for rail services (Single European Railway Area). Its objective is to further strengthen the rail sector in Europe and make it more efficient and therefore competitive compared to other modes of transport.

The package includes two pillars, one technical and one market-related. The technical pillar, which was adopted by the European Parliament and the Council in April 2016, is based on the latest interoperability directive (EU 2016/797), which aims to create an optimal level of technical harmonization for international rail transport within the EU.

This accreditation will enable us to issue conformity assessment certification for Technical Specifications of Interoperability (TSI) as specified by the directive for rail systems and sub-systems, such as infrastructure, control-command and signaling, rolling stock, traffic management, etc.

Wim van Loon, Executive Vice President, Industrial, said: “Hard work and commitment by the SGS management and technical teams has been paramount for this significant achievement, which positions SGS as a leading TIC company in the rail industry worldwide. We will be able to actively contribute to the development of a harmonized, safe and sustainable rail network on the continent, at a time when climate change concerns are undoubtedly requiring bold modal transfers in the transportation sector."

SGS Certification Services

SGS's world-leading certification services enable organizations to demonstrate that their products, processes, systems or services are compliant with national and international regulations and standards.

SGS is accredited to perform certification activities (NoBo/DeBo) and independent safety assessments (AsBo/ISA) among other industry certifications with the following group accreditations:

  • NoBo/DeBo (ENAC Nº181/C-PR394)
  • NoBo/DeBo (UKAS 6186)
  • AsBo / ISA (ENAC Nº133/EI755)
  • AsBo (PCA AK 013)
  • ISA (Dakks D-IS-12088-02-01)

Additionally, SGS performs these other related activities:

  • Certification of Entities in Charge of Maintenance (EEM/ECM) (UKAS 6186)
  • Welding IN 18085
  • Electrical Laboratories (Dakks D-IS-12088-02-01 and ENAC N º 05/LE011)
  • IRIS (08/10/14a)

SGS Rail Services

We offer a broad range of services for the global rail industry. We help rolling stock, infrastructure, components manufacturers and operators to deliver projects and ensure the continued performance of their business.

We provide our customers with the required verification and inspection services during the whole project life cycle. Through independent audit and control, we ensure that the equipment and material supplied meet the customer requirements, quality, safety and industry standards.

Our services for the railway industry include:

  • Assessment and certification for Rolling stock, infrastructure and signaling
  • Quality assurance
  • Independent safety assessment
  • Supply chain and inspection
  • Destructive/non-destructive testing
  • Technical assistance
  • Technical staffing services
  • Construction and installation supervision
  • Asset condition assessment

Thanks to our global presence and more than 30 years of experience in the rail industry, we have the resources and expertise to support our customers globally.

For further information, please contact:

Ms. Maha Salem
Head of Rail, EMEA Region, Industrial
m: +34 607 845 281

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