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Sustainability Case Study: We Create Value to Society by Helping our Peru Employees to Feel More Engaged and Motivated

May 06, 2020

Throughout our global network, SGS is involved with a wide variety of sustainability initiatives that are helping to enable a better, safer and interconnected world. We will be examining some of these initiatives and how they create value to society. Here, we take a look at how we are helping our employees in Peru to feel more engaged and motivated.

Employee engagement plays a critical role in ensuring the health and wellbeing of a workforce and in enabling the success of individual employees as well as the success of the business itself. Promoting a culture in which employees feel engaged and appreciated as individuals, with worthwhile contributions to make, is essential.

To encourage engagement among our Peru employees, SGS has created a mobile phone app for work-related communications and a bespoke program for entrepreneurs in their families.

The “SGS Go” app allows employees in field-based roles, with limited or no access to email, to stay up to date with company news, learn about employee benefits and new career opportunities, and take part in volunteering programs, competitions and lifestyle-related initiatives. The app encourages communication between employees and their managers by facilitating performance management tasks, such as objective setting or vacation approval.

With entrepreneurship being a key motivator for our Peru employees, many of whom are millennials living with their parents, we have also created “SGS Emprende,” a bespoke program for entrepreneurs within our employees’ families. Participants submit ideas, and the ten best are presented to a panel of internal and external experts. Three winners are chosen, with SGS providing partial financing to help them develop their startups. Runners up can take part in an internal fair to promote their products or services to SGS employees. So far, more than 400 family members have applied to the program.

Learn more about how we are creating value to society. Read our Sustainability Report >

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 Peru Employees  


 Peru Employees  


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