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SGS Biosafety Laboratory Offers GMP Compliant Vaccine Testing Solution for Coronavirus

February 01, 2020
SGS's Center of Excellence for biosafety can help contribute to the fight against coronavirus.

We offer testing services for new viral threats/pandemic using rapid and advanced testing platforms, such as Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) technologies, and over 400 validated rapid PCR tests for contaminating viruses of concern in vaccine manufacturing processes.

In 2019, this laboratory, the SGS Center of Excellence for Biosafety, expanded its facilities to increase its capability and capacity for testing cell banks for vaccines, gene and cell therapies, monoclonal antibodies and other recombinant protein based biological medicines, including a vaccine testing solution for coronavirus.

Archie Lovatt, Scientific Operations Director (Biosafety) at SGS, said: “The new expansion laboratory increased the capacity of all existing biosafety services and enhanced real-time polymerase chain reaction (PCR) platforms, to support viral safety and genetic stability assessment of cell banks for vaccines, gene and cell therapies”. He added: “Clients benefit from a fully comprehensive range of validated biosafety methods to support cell bank and viral vaccine manufacturing and lot release of drug product, as well as new technologies for pathogen detection, including next-generation nucleic acid sequencing and new cell based viral detection systems.”

As trailblazers in the development of the biosafety testing industry, the SGS Vitrology team in Glasgow is specialized in developing biosafety testing technologies for vaccine and bio-therapeutics for drug manufacturing companies from the cGMP/cGLP certified, MHRA and US FDA registered laboratory.

The team pioneered the development of PCR, DNA sequencing, electron microscopy, cell culture assays for biologic medicines under GMP. SGS’ experts provide testing support for the characterization, biosafety and release of all globally available commercial viral vaccines and biologic medicines.

SGS Life Sciences integrated network of laboratories provides expertise in:

  • Novel vaccines with a viral seed or recombinant vector manufacturing system in cells or eggs – Cell bank and vaccine seed/bulk biosafety and characterization testing – rapid molecular assays, including testing to meet USP, Phar, Eur, FDA, WHO vaccine guidelines
  • Novel vaccines based on purified recombinant antigens from continuous cell manufacturing systems (e.g. Microbial, CHO, Sf9, HEK293, NS0 etc.) - cell bank / bulk characterization and biosafety
  • Novel vaccines based on nucleic acids e.g. RNA or DNA plasmids – Cell bank testing, DNA sequencing, and nucleic acid QC testing
  • Integrated vaccines solutions from preclinical activities to phase I-IV clinical trials

SGS Life Sciences leverages its digitalized network of laboratories, present in North America, Europe, and Asia-Pacific, to deliver harmonized testing solutions for analytical development, biologics characterization, biosafety and quality control, as well as clinical research to large pharmaceutical and biotechnology firms.

For further information, please contact:

Archie Lovatt
Scientific Operations Director (Biosafety), SGS
t: +44 (0) 141 952 0022

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