SGS has appointed Emilio Fernandez Naranjo as Business Development Manager within its AGRI Seed and Crop Services.

Emilio, who joined SGS on December 16, 2019, will lead the delivery and expansion of the company’s Good Experimental Practice (GEP) field trials across Europe.

Having trained as an Agronomic Engineer at the University of Seville, Emilio went on to complete an MBA at San Telmo Business School. As manager of a leading CRO since January 1999, Emilio gained vast experience of successfully project managing GEP studies at EU level. He has earned an outstanding reputation in the delivery of field trials to test the efficacy, tolerance, residues, ecotox and crop safety of Plant Protection Products under GEP.

Dr. Andreas Zumdick, Global Director, SGS Seed & Crop Services commented: “Emilio brings a wealth of experience to this role and we are delighted to welcome him on board. His dedication to the delivery of the highest quality of service, along with his wealth of skills and experience, will ensure we consistently deliver best practice across our field trials and are well-placed to expand our agri services in line with future market needs.”

GEP Field Trials

SGS is a proven outsourcing leader for product research and development in the pesticide, bio stimulant, biocide and fertilizer industries. In his new role, Emilio will interact with SGS’s Pan-European network of 21 field trial stations which are served by over 140 agronomists. Each offers a complete series of regulatory trials that demonstrate efficacy, crop tolerance and crop performance, all in accordance to good efficacy practice.

The GEP system provides the industry with essential guidelines on the screening, development and registration of their agricultural and horticultural chemicals, biopesticides, fertilizers and new plant varieties.

SGS’s GEP field trials cover:

  • Acaracides
  • Biopesticides
  • Fertilizers
  • Fungicides
  • Herbicides
  • Insecticides
  • Molluscicides
  • Nematicides
  • Plant growth regulators (PGRs)

SGS’s network of field trial stations comply with industry-specific quality management systems for conducting regulatory trials that demonstrate efficacy, crop tolerance and crop performance, all in accordance to good efficacy practice.

Emilio will be the first point of contact for organizations looking to bid for GEP pan EU field trials.

For further information, please contact:

Andreas Zumdick
Global Business Manager
Seed & Crop Services
t: +49 6128 744 730

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