GB/T 11951-2018 Natural fibres – Terminology, was issued in February to replace the 1989 version. The 2018 version will be implemented on September 1, 2018.

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GB/T 11951-2018 Natural fibres – Terminology, issued in February 2018 and will replace the 1989 version. The 2018 version will be implemented on September 1, 2018. The following technical changes have been made:



  • Added “fibres secreted by some molluscs” category in “animal fibre”
    • BYSSUS (Byssus) — Fibre extruded from some molluscs Pinna nobilis
  • Added seven new terms
    • MUGA (Muga) — Fibre extruded by the silkworm Anteraea assamensis
    • NETTLE (Ortie) — Fibre from the basts of Urica dioica
    • BAMBOO (Bambou) — Fibre from the basts of bamboo bambusa textilis
    • PALMA IXTLE (Ixtle de Palma) — Fibre from the leaves of Yucca carnerosana
    • PINEAPPLE LEAF (Feuille d’ananas) — Fibre from the leaves of Anannas comosus Merr
    • PITA (Pita) — Fibre from the leaves of Aechmea magdalenae
    • PEAT FIBRE (Fibre de tourbe) — Fibre from the leaf sheath of the plant Eriophorum vaginatum
  • Revised three English generic names
    • Changed “mulberry silk” to “SILK (Soie)”
    • Changed “Tussah silk” to “TASAR (Tasar)”
    • Changed “alfa or separto” to “ALFA (Alfa)”
  • Revised two English scientific names of plants
    • Changed “Apocynum venetum” to “Apocynum androsae mifolium, Apocynum cannabinum”
    • Changed “Agave funkiana” to “Agave lechuguilla Torr”
    • Changed Chinese names of some fibres (English name remain unchanged)
    • Changed “羊毛” to “绵羊毛”, regarded “羊毛” as synonyms —— WOOL (Laine)
    • Changed “羊驼绒” to “羊驼毛” —— ALPACA (Alpaga)
    • Changed “原驼绒” to “原驼毛” —— GUANACO (Guanaco)
    • Changed “美洲驼绒” to “美洲驼毛” —— LLAMA (Lama)
    • Changed “骆马绒” to “骆马毛” —— VICUNA (Vigogne)
  • Added notes to terms HORSE (Cheval), HEMP (Chanvre) and JUTE (Jute)
    • Horse-hair fibre coming from the mane or the tail of the horse; horse-coat fibre coming from the coat of the horse
    • HEMP (Chanvre) is also called “Han Hemp or Fire Hemp”.
    • JUTE (Jute) is called as “jute and allied fibres”
  • Deleted the terms “Zhong wei wool”
  • Added an informative annex —— Index table of fibre terminologies, English generic names and English common names

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