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Co-Processing Biomass in a Regular Oil Refinery

Join us for a live webinar with our SGS experts, where we will be providing an insight into co-processing biomass, the impact of biofeedstocks into existing infrastructure and much more!


Our world is changing as governments, businesses and consumers look towards more sustainable products, including fuels. The transition to more sustainable fuels is currently underway, but this brings change at all levels of the supply chain from the processors to the end users.

This webinar will explore co-processing, including the different feedstocks and impact on existing or traditional refinery infrastructure, how design of units can minimize impacts, understanding the role of amine units, sour water stripping and process water strategies on the efficiency of co-processing refineries. 


You will learn about how and why we co-process biomass, including the impact that different feedstocks have on the refinery process and equipment. We will look at how to optimize existing infrastructure, what to be aware of, including the role of amine units, sour water stripping and sulphur recovery units. 


  • Introduction 
  • How, what and why: understanding co-processing biomass 
  • How to incorporate biofeedstocks into existing infrastructure 
  • Optimization of operational and design options to minimize impacts 
  • Understanding the role of amine units 
  • Sour water stripping and process water strategy 
  • Conclusion
  • Q&A


Arjan Praat

Arjan Praat

Vice President Laboratory Services & Outsourcing at SGS
Kaiyr Tekebayev

Kaiyr Tekebayev

Process Engineer at SGS Sulphur Experts Inc.

Target Audience: This webinar is aimed at biomass/biofuel/sustainable fuel industries, with a focus on refineries or those who process conventional or pre-treated renewable feedstocks.

Language: English

Cost: No charge

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