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Exploring and Identifying Hard Rock Lithium Deposits

Join us for a live webinar on exploring and identifying hard rock lithium deposits, the complexities associated with lithium exploration and much more.


Significant investment continues to flow into critical minerals projects. However, a successful project capable of realizing its full economic potential needs more than a strong project roadmap. 


This webinar will look at the important early stage exploration and resource development considerations for hard rock lithium projects, including the complexities associated with the characterization of lithium.

At the end of this webinar, you will understand what is needed to create a successful and economic lithium project. You will also understand the role of geology, geochemistry, mineralogy and metallurgy in laying a strong foundation to achieve optimal project outcomes.

Join us to learn how to optimize outcomes in the early stage of your lithium project.


  • Introduction
  • The critical minerals industry and exploration considerations
  • What makes lithium unique, including complex characterization of lithium
  • Geochemistry and its role in the early stage of the value chain
  • Using mineralogy to quantify minerals in focus
  • Applying metallurgy to optimize economic potential
  • Q&A


Target Audience:

The webinar is aimed at those involved in the exploration and resource development of a lithium project. This includes chemists, geologists, metallurgy and exploration managers, technical experts and more.

Language: English

Cost: No charge

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Barb Hooley
Global Marketing Manager
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