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Exploring AI-Enabled Regulatory Compliance for Nutraceuticals

Join our live webinar to gain insight into the benefits of collaboration between human expertise and AI for automating formula regulatory reviews, label validation and much more.


In the nutraceutical industry, navigating the regulatory landscape is a complex task due to diverse global regulations, the blending of food and pharmaceutical sectors and the constantly evolving scientific understanding of nutrition and health. With our SGS Digicomply software – an exhaustive regulatory, scientific and risk compliance tool for dietary supplements – coupled with our adept and seasoned scientific and regulatory teams from Nutrasource, we are well prepared to offer innovative, customized and strategic solutions. Harnessing our broad spectrum of knowledge of the nutraceutical domain, we possess the ability to confront major challenges and successfully handle complex issues.


In this upcoming webinar, we'll delve into the intricacies of nutraceutical compliance by using real-world cases to demonstrate the latest regulatory and scientific insights. We'll discuss how SGS and Nutrasource have collaborated to deliver efficient solutions that blend AI-powered automation with the human touch, helping you to introduce innovative, top-tier food supplements to the market.


  • Introduction: risk compliance in the dietary supplement industry
  • Nutraceutical compliance landscape: discussion of its complexities
  • Exploration of real case scenarios: how SGS and Nutrasource overcame challenges
  • Demonstration of SGS Digicomply: its role in and advantages for regulatory compliance
  • Q&A session: participant queries and closing remarks 


Target Audience: The webinar is aimed at ingredients manufacturers, dietary supplement brands and contract manufacturers.

Language: English

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For further information, please contact:

Jennifer Buckley
Senior Global Marketing Manager
t: +1 973 461 1498

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