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Food Contact Product Certification Mark

SGS presents an expert webinar on SGS’s Food Product Certification Mark and testing and certification for food contact materials and products.

Food contact materials (FCM) are subject to rigorous testing. From cling film to containers, it is essential that items are safe, as well as fit for purpose, for the consumer. Testing and certification of FCM products is beneficial for businesses, not just to ensure the quality and safety of the items, but also to provide market distinction.

In this live webinar, SGS expert Dr. Udo Krischke explains the benefits of production certification and how SGS’s Food Product Certification Mark can make all the difference to your business by helping you to achieve speedy market access as well as a competitive head start for your product. He will look at the scope of products that are eligible, take you through the certification process and answer your questions.

Covering both mandatory and safety requirements, as well as voluntary performance parameters, the SGS Food Contact Product Certification Mark gives your products transparency and accountability – delivering trust and market advantage.


  • Testing vs. product certification
  • Product certification and certification marks
  • Food Contact Product Certification Mark
  • Certificate holder's benefits
  • Consumer benefits
  • Food Contact Product Certification process
  • Q&A


Dr. Udo Krischke
Global Technical Manager RSTS & FCM Business Development Manager

Udo joined SGS in 2000, working as project manager in the department of chemical consumer product testing at SGS Institut Fresenius. Since 2007, Udo has held the position of Global Technical Manager for the Restricted Substance Testing Service (RSTS) within Connectivity & Products, and joined the SGS Global Affiliate Success Team (GAST) in 2010. Within GAST he acted as lead auditor for the Quality, Health, Safety and Environment (QHSE) cross border audit program from 2013-2018, contributing to the SGS REACH team and supporting the global RSTS teams.

One of Udo's main responsibilities since 2012 has been to chair the GAST Technical Committee for food contact materials, to assure regulatory governance and technical harmonization in the SGS laboratory network. Additionally, he has acted as FCM Business Development Manager since 2022.


For further information, please contact:

Stephanie Pionchon
Global Marketing Manager
Connectivity & Products
t: +0172 3815 777

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