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Safety of Absorbent Hygiene Products – Testing for Trace Chemicals

Is your absorbent hygiene product complying with the latest methods for trace chemical testing and research? Don’t miss this webinar where we will share with you the different approaches available at SGS so you can test your products according to the latest safety standards.

In the last three years, there has been extensive coverage in the consumer media, amongst authorities and in non-governmental organizations (NGOs) with regards to consumer product safety. With work still to be done on product safety standards due to a lack of consensus amongst stakeholders, SGS has created a flexible solution for trace chemical testing and research.

The webinar agenda:

  • Chronology and background of the development of trace chemical research methods
  • Our 'Three-ways' approach
  • Conclusions
  • Q&A

Join our expert speakers:

Audrey Guibet, Cosmetic, Personal Care and Household (CPCH) Expert – SGS France

After obtaining her master's degree specializing in biochemistry, analyzes and controls in bio-industries, Audrey began her career in SGS Agriculture & Food. Her six years have been spent interacting with international trade clients providing them analytical support and developing analytical plans to establish specific offers which has led to strengthening her knowledge in chemical analysis. Her vision has led her to strengthen the CPCH team this year to become experts in chemical testing and research. Thus, Audrey brings to us today her analytical expertise in chemical testing for cosmetics, detergents and hygiene products, including baby diapers.

Cédric Schoorens, Technical Manager – SGS France, Hygiene Division EAME/APAC

Cédric Schoorens has more than 20 years' experience in the field of disposable absorbent hygiene product testing and contributes significantly to the management of mannequin tests worldwide. As a former Quality Manager at the well-known Courtray Consulting Institute, Cédric joined SGS in 2014. Due to his extensive knowledge, Cédric has wide-reaching strategic and technical responsibilities in the hygiene industry, standard working groups and other important industry associations.

There are two sessions available:

For further information, please contact:

Silke Hilmer
Global Marketing Manager
Consumer and Retail
t: +49 40 30101 826

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