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Qualicert Service Certification

How do you demonstrate the validity of your service quality commitments to your customers?

Clearly defining your service quality standards enables you to demonstrate your commitment to your customers. However, your customers expect more than just promises. They expect independent, validated proof that your service pledges are being consistently delivered. That is why you need third-party service certification from a trusted provider to confirm that your service quality standards have been verified, measured and controlled.

Demonstrate your commitment to service excellence with independent Qualicert service certification from SGS

As a leading provider of certification, inspection, verification and testing in France, we can help you to make a transparent commitment to service delivery with our independent Qualicert certification.

We offer you unrivaled expertise and proven experience, developing over 130 validated services. Plus, we provide you with expertise that stretches across all economic sectors, including logistics, education, hospitality, real estate, automotive and franchise networks.

We can help you:

  • Establish suitable service standards: we support you through the entire standard production process. We help you develop your standard, gaining feedback from professionals from your sector as well as consumers, government and public office. We can ensure that your standard is flexible, in-line with your the business needs and provides clear competitive advantage
  • Ensure customer satisfaction: we can help you clarify your service commitments, so you can produce factual and easily marketable commitments to gain the confidence and satisfaction of your customers
  • Achieve independent accreditation and gain independent Qualicert service certification: once your service standard has been developed, it will be validated by an independent committee of qualified professionals and consumers. Once validated, your standard can be accredited by the Comité Français d’Accréditation (COFRAC) and awarded our independent Qualicert service certification
  • Motivate your staff: we offer regular audits and mystery shopping to keep your staff focused on providing consistent quality service delivery inline with your service commitments

To find out how our Qualicert service certification can help you make a commitment towards service excellence, contact us today.