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Seat Validation

Test the performance and durability of vehicle seats to ensure they comply with regulations and original equipment manufacturer (OEM) specifications.

Seating plays a key role in the on-board comfort and safety of car drivers and passengers. At SGS, we can test the performance and durability of your seating to ensure it complies with all required international standards.

Our laboratory in Wuhan China is recognized by giants in the automotive industry such as Mercedes Benz, BMW, General Motors and Nissan. We work with OEMs and players throughout the supply chain and share our expertise not just to test seats but also to offer solutions when products fail.

In addition, our findings support the future development of seats and seating design, leading to better, safer solutions for automotive manufacturers worldwide.

SGS Seat Validation Tests

We offer a suite of testing and validation services against all the major regulatory standards. These include:

  • Force & strength tests
    • Height adjuster unlock strength
    • Armrest strength
    • Shoulder unlock strength
    • Backrest adjuster effort
    • Hardness distributed test
    • Side guard plate strength
    • Headrest moving effort
    • Seat track unlock effort
    • Seat track displacement
  • Life cycle durability tests
    • Ingress and egress test
    • Life cycle-front seat back fold flat
    • Jounce durability on backrest and cushion
    • Life cycle of height adjuster
    • Life cycle of track and height adjuster in different temperatures
    • Adjustable head restraint life cycle in different temperatures
    • Seat cover abrasion resistance
    • Knee test
    • Seat framework durability
  • Test standards
    • Q/JLY J7110479B-2016
    • QC/T 740-2017,
    • RQT-0110-0016,
    • Q/SQR SS7-17-2017
    • Q/SQR SS7-15-2017
    • 87000NDS00
    • DVM-0110-0026
    • DVM-0110-0025
    • EQC-3267-2007
    • Q/AEW 1006-2013
    • QJ/GAC 1250.026-2019
    • PF-10254(2015)
    • BT/SGMWJ 08496-2020

Why choose seat validation services from SGS?

We are the world’s leading testing and verification company, with laboratories, testers and industry experts located throughout the world. We partner leading manufacturers in the automotive industry including Ford, BMW, Nissan and Mercedes-Benz and test against all the major International and OEM standards.

  • SGS Headquarters

1 Place des Alpes,

P.O. Box 2152 1211,

Geneva Switzerland

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