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Lamarr Security Research

A new era in cybersecurity research.

A groundbreaking collaboration between SGS and Graz University of Technology to establish a new cybersecurity research hotspot.

Lamarr Security Research represents the beginning of a new era in cybersecurity research. Based at the heart of Cyber Security Campus Graz, it focuses on the issues surrounding security and privacy, data breaches, and incomplete security solutions, which annually enable cybercriminals to cause billions of Euros of financial damage.  

Lamarr Security Research aims to completely rethink the way solutions are constructed, using high-quality research into security and privacy technologies to help create the foundations for the next generation of systems.

About Lamarr Security Research

Named after the Austrian-born Hollywood actress, Hedy Lamarr, the ethos of Lamarr Security Research embraces her creativity, unique talent and innate curiosity about novel technologies. Lamarr was one of the pioneers in the invention of secure systems with her patented frequency hopping system, which is still used today in Bluetooth and Wi-Fi.  

Following the spirit of Hedy Lamarr, SGS and Graz University of Technology aim to bring huge value to society and ultimately make the world a safer place.  

We make all our results available to everyone, with no direct financial profit resulting from the research.

Join Us

Lamarr Security Research is looking for like-minded companies and corporations to act as sponsors in this mission to create a safer world. The vision is to encourage collaborative partnerships that forge better solutions, which governments, corporations, and consumers around the world will welcome and utilize. Benefits will include early access to research results and high-end cybersecurity testing possibilities.

  • SGS Headquarters

1 Place des Alpes,

P.O. Box 2152 1211,

Geneva Switzerland

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