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Home Improvement Consultancy & Training

Risk and safety assessments, coupled with training on product development and manufacture, ensure the quality and regulatory compliance of home improvement and DIY products.

Meeting ever-increasing regulations, which differ between countries, can be technically demanding and costly. With SGS’s consultancy and training services you can deliver home improvement and DIY products that not only meet regulations but consumer expectations too.

Our services can be tailored for businesses, products and standards for all major markets, even when the destination market is different to the place of manufacture. We offer:

  • Safety and risk assessments
  • Training on the subject of your choice (e.g. Declaration of Performance, CE marking)
  • Support to meet your own product standards

We can also support you to qualify any customer dissatisfaction. Testing and analysis in our laboratories will reveal whether an issue is a question of misuse or whether there a real quality problem.

SGS Consultancy Services

As home improvement and DIY products become more complex, new functions may generate risks not covered by existing standards. Identifying a problem at the earliest opportunity saves time and resources, and minimizes danger to both the consumer and your brand.

Tailored to your product our consultancy services will identify and evaluate risks, leading to safer products, reduced recalls, informed decision making and a stronger brand. We can help you to:

  • Identify potential hazards with a product risk assessment
  • Determine any issues at the concept stage with a feasibility assessment. Conducted at the earliest opportunity, before resources are invested in product development, we will document any potential hazards identified with the concept and advise on the applicable standards or directives
  • Confirm the safety of a product with a product safety review. A brief examination of a product to identify potential hazards which could lead to recalls or injuries
  • Understand the reasons behind a product failure
  • Ensure consumer safety
  • Protect brand confidence
  • Reduce product recalls
  • Gain essential data to help you make informed decisions

With a global reach, we can help you identify hazards wherever you are in the world. With our extensive network of experts in Europe, the US and Asia, we will work with you to make design changes and find solutions to any potential concerns, helping you deliver a safer product.

SGS Training Services

Home improvement and DIY professionals need to understand the applicable product standards, how to demonstrate that a product is fit for purpose, and the importance of optimizing product performance, reducing costs and avoiding product recalls.

Our training services include a range of seminars and courses to ensure your product and materials meet the highest expectations.

Our courses can be tailored to your specific business objectives, and include:

  • Vendor seminars
  • Public training sessions
  • On-site training sessions

They can also be tailored for your specific needs, for example:

  • How to qualify raw materials and warranty end product safety and quality
  • Understanding regulations applicable to your product
  • How to set up a Declaration of Performance

Why choose SGS?

As a world leader in product testing, consultancy and training, we can help with all aspects of home improvement and DIY product manufacture, from design concept and production to retail.

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